Jack Dorsey and Brian Armstrong interested in Lightning Network

Jack Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter and now founder of Block Inc, a financial services provider. He said in a tweet that he didn’t understand why Coinbase is turning its back on Bitcoin. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Binance replied in a tweet saying: “Let’s build it together”. They would thus consider the integration of Lightning Network.

Bitcoin Magazine reporting Brian Armstrong’s remarks that he reaffirms his interest in integrating the Lightning Network.

Lightning Network is coming to Coinbase

As a reminder, Lightning Network was set up to allow Bitcoin users to overcome the limits of the network. Specifically, it allows users to make payments to each other without going through the traditional Bitcoin channel. The first advantage is that transactions are much faster and cheaper. Hence the misunderstanding of Jack Dorsey, now the head of a financial services company, as to the non-support of Lightning by Coinbase.

In response, Armstrong made it clear that his trade was not ignoring Lightning Network. In a tweethe declares : ” We are looking for the best way to add Lightning Network. It’s not trivial, but I think it’s worth doing. I’m all for bitcoin payments taking off. »

I don’t know why you think we ignore Bitcoin. We’ve onboarded more people to Bitcoin than probably any company in the world. Let’s build it together he added, intended specifically for Dorsey.

A collaboration between Block Inc. and Coinbase in sight?

Armstrong’s invitation to Dorsey did not fall on deaf ears as the latter responded by emphasizing, ” We want an open protocol for the transmission of money over the Internet that is not controlled by a single individual, company or government. »

In the process, he propose also that Coinbase puts more resources on Bitcoin technology development and Layer 2, hinting that he would be up for a partnership.

Last April, Coinbase already announced an integration of the Lightning network. Binance was faster in accomplishing this goal since July 17, its users can already use Lightning for deposits and withdrawals. Could Lightning Network be the next turning point in the evolution of Bitcoin?

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