NFT as a gift: Amazon Prime partners with Mojo Melee

A collaboration between Mojo Melee and Amazon Prime gives Prime subscribers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of NFTs while enjoying a unique in-game advantage.

Amazon Prime is giving subscribers free NFTs for Polygon-based game Mojo Melee

Amazon Prime is giving away free NFTs for this game on Polygon

NFT game Mojo Melee, based on the Ethereum Polygon scalability network, has partnered with retail giant Amazon to offer NFTs to Amazon Prime subscribers. The first offer available now on the portal Amazon Prime Gamingincludes a free set including:

  • an NFT,
  • an in-game currency for Prime subscribers who create a new player account for Mojo Melee.

More exactly, the pack includes:

  • an NFT for champion character Gwyn Rockhopper,
  • 885 Ore, an unencrypted in-game currency.

According to Mojo Melee developer Mystic Moose, the character is offered as an NFT from the start. Mojo Melee’s in-game progression system, meanwhile, typically requires players to reach a certain character level before you can create champions as NFT. It’s a “special offer” as part of the partnership with Amazon, a representative told Decrypt.

The deal with Amazon is expected to last six months. It includes additional monthly distributions of free in-game NFTs as well as other content. This will provide Prime subscribers with continued opportunities to experience the game and gain a potential advantage over non-subscribers.

Mojo Melee: an innovative game for Amazon Prime subscribers

Mojo Melee is a game accessible through web browsers as well as an Android app. It brings a laid-back touch to the “auto battler” genre. This last combines elements of chess and real-time strategy gamesas popularized by major non-blockchain games such as Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics.

This promising collaboration between Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee paves the way for exciting future partnerships, furthering the growing appeal of NFTs in the world of online game.

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