Hodlonaut humiliates faketoshi Nakamoto

Norwegian judge Helen delivered her verdict following the trial between Hodlonaut (the plaintiff) and the usurper Craig Wright, aka “faketoshi”.


Hodlonaut argues that billionaire Craig Wright posing as Satoshi Nakamoto is an impostor.

We did not read the 26-page long verdict in Norwegian. But the main thing is there. The Court agreed with Hodlonaut, finding that he had good reason to tweet that Craig Wright was a “fraud and a scammer”.

One of the highlights of this trial was the lie of Craig Wright. Faketoshi said it shared preexisting versions of the Bitcoin White Paper and source code with Ray Dillinger, Hal Finney, and Dustin Trammell.

Problem, Dustin Trammell, one of the first cypherpunks to join the Bitcoin network, disagrees. Here is his answer scathing to the perjury of Craig Wright:

“Craig lied under oath […]. Let me clear things up. I was unaware of the existence of Bitcoin before the publication of the whiyoue-paper on October 31, 2008. I only got access to the Bitcoin source code after downloading it myself, from bitcoin.org, shortly after its publication January 8, 2009. My first contact with the real Satoshi Nakamoto was January 12, 2009. I had already revealed it in 2013 when I published my entire correspondence with Satoshi. At no time before or after the public release did Satoshi “share” any source code with me.

Craig Wright is a liar and a fraudster. »

Hodlonaut will donate the money collected for his defense

“Faketoshi” has already indicated that he will appeal. But to see if this decision tips the scales in the other trial taking place in the United Kingdom.

Nothing to impress Hodlonaut who has declared at the microphone of Bitcoin Magazine that there is “more than one statement from Craig Wright worth revisiting”. “Come and get me Craig, appeal, you will lose”.

Addressing the community of bitcoiners who supported it:

” Thank you all. Thank you from the heart. The past three years have transformed me. I’m exactly the same person as three years ago, but I’ve proven some things to myself. […] I will never forget those years. I have read and really appreciated all your messages of support even if i don’t have time to reply to everyone. Thanks. »

The judge ordered Craig Wright to pay all legal fees, totaling $400,000. Grand Prince, Hodlonaut declared that he will not pay himself a single dollar:

“Whether it’s $400,000 or the Open-Sat fund (kitty made by bitcoiners to support Holdonaut), nothing will go into my pocket in any way. […] If there’s any money left in the fund after we’re done with all this bullshit, we’ll use it next time. thata billionaire will want to bask in a bitcoiner. »

Faced with his inconsistencies, Craight Wright has repeatedly paraded himself by describing himself as an alcoholic beset by autism… Finally, what about his various excuses to justify his refusal to move the bitcoins from the genesis block and thus prove with certainty that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is hilarious to contemplate this world champion of mythomania.

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