AI and Crypto: $20,000 billion at stake by 2030

The convergence between artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrencies is poised to disrupt the global economy. According to the latest analysis from Bitwise, this synergy promises to generate a $20 trillion increase in global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030. This outlook, presented by Juan Leon, senior crypto research analyst, during the Consensus conference in Austin, highlights the growing importance of this technological alliance. As the world continues to adapt to these innovations, their transformative potential is attracting increasing attention from experts and investors.

A revolutionary collaboration between AI and crypto

Bitwise Senior Analyst Juan Leon's prediction on the economic impact of the merger between artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptos was one of the highlights of the recent Consensus conference in Austin. According to him, this synergy could add $20 trillion to global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030. Collaborations between bitcoin miners and AI companies are becoming increasingly important » he said during the event.

A prominent example of this trend is Coreweave's proposed strategic acquisition, an AI cloud provider, of Core Scientific, a bitcoin miner, for $1.6 billion. This operation perfectly illustrates how shared technological resources can lead to mutual growth. Core Scientific has also signed a substantial $3.5 billion deal to host AI services over a 12-year period.

Towards a new era of trust and efficiency

The synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptos paves the way for innovations that go far beyond strategic collaborations. The intrinsic capabilities of blockchain, such as transparency and security, can be leveraged to address modern challenges, including information validation. For example, startups like Attestiv use these technologies to ensure the authenticity of digital content, thereby contributing to the fight against AI-generated misinformation.

The potential of this integration is not limited to improving existing technologies. It also paves the way for new applications in various sectors. Experts believe that the growing adoption of AI and cryptos could transform traditional industries, such as finance, healthcare and logistics, by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

The economic implications are also significant. Bitwise's projected $20 trillion increase in global GDP is based on the assumption that AI and cryptos will continue to evolve and complement each other. This growth could boost not only developed economies, but also provide unprecedented opportunities for emerging markets, facilitating financial inclusion and technological innovation.

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