Gustavo Petro, the Colombian president becomes a bitcoin hodler!

Samson Mow, a big name in the bitcoin ecosystem, recently offered some bitcoin (BTC) holdings to Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia. Enough to change the perspective of the leader who announced initiatives to analyze the options offered by cryptos to support his country’s economy.

Samson Mow’s Special Crypto Donation to the President of Colombia

Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia, is now part of the privileged circle of holders of the flagship crypto, bitcoin (BTC). His crypto wallet notably houses 100,000 satoshis of BTC.

These assets, the manager did not acquire them himself. They were given to him by the famous bitcoiner Samson Mow. “The President of Colombia is now a Bitcoin HODLer, that’s for sure. 100,000 satoshis to be exact,” said the crypto expert.

The satoshi being the smallest unit of bitcoin (0.000 000 01 bitcoin), the Colombian president’s 100,000 satoshis are therefore equivalent to 0.001 bitcoin. That’s next to nothing, one would be tempted to say, when we know that 0.001 bitcoin is worth around $38.

But ultimately, we could see it as a symbolic gesture. A gift which did not leave Gustavo Petro indifferent. The Colombian leader expressed optimism about the potential economic benefits of crypto for his country.

Gustavo Petro joins the circle of holders of bitcoin, the flagship crypto
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A crypto gift that hit the mark?

Grateful for his BTC crypto holdings received, President Petro announced his intention to create working groups within the public administration. The measure also extends to the grassroots community level.

The objective is to study the possible contributions of the technology underlying cryptos, namely blockchain, to the economic growth of Colombia. Highlighting the undeniable global impact of cryptos, Gustavo Petro foresees developments that could significantly improve the prosperity of the Colombian people.

The recent acquisition of BTC holdings by the Colombian president could mark the start of a new chapter in South American crypto adoption. This development follows El Salvador’s groundbreaking decision to recognize bitcoin as legal tender.

This development appears to align with a broader trend of crypto adoption in the region. Although questions remain about whether Colombia will follow El Salvador’s lead in integrating cryptos into its traditional financial systems. Either way, South America looks set to play an important role in shaping the future of digital finance.

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