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The world is gradually and undeniably entering an era where digital has unprecedented importance. As Web3 is rapidly democratizing and some states are beginning to value the potential of cryptos, blockchain is increasingly emerging as the technological backbone of a not-so-distant future. This, in most areas of activity. It is therefore wise to prepare for this revolution, and this is what Alyra offers. The Blockchain School, launched in 2018, aims to offer “ skills, not just knowledge in this area, and proposes three courses for this purpose: Deploy an innovative project », « Run a project ” and ” Develop an innovative project “.

I am currently training Lead an innovative project “. Throughout it, I will share with you its progress and my feelings through periodic articles. After the defence, I will also write a larger article to review my overall experience. Follow me for a behind-the-scenes look at Alyra’s blockchain training. Real feedback throughout the 10 weeks of learning.

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Planning a week of training with Alyra

Passion for Blockchain

Alira represents a community of blockchain and digital finance enthusiasts, who have made it their mission to share their knowledge. The objective is to effectively train a generation of actors and operators who are sufficiently competent and creative to exploit the full potential of this new technology. Under the direction of some twenty experts and consultants, the platform offers its learners all the tools necessary to create a business in this universe. Its network of partners, which includes PBW Summit, Ubisoft, IBM and Bitcoin Studio, shows a lot of seriousness as well as a marked commitment to help it achieve its objectives.

Alyra Talks

My training started on September 26, and I am part of the Rinkeby promotion. My classmates come from various backgrounds and sectors of activity. A real melting pot! The youngest of us is 22 and the oldest 61, if I’m not mistaken.

We made our comeback with the famous “ TalkAlyra inaugural, hosted by a key player in the cryptosphere: Hugo Morosini.

Hugo is Lead Frontend Developer at Ledger, a company specializing in the production of physical wallets. The French unicorn represents the country’s pride in the crypto ecosystem. He essentially addressed the question of security concerning wallets and the various question marks raised by the advent of more powerful quantum computers.

The ” Talk of the second week focused on constructive networking for blockchain in France. It was moderated by Matthias Vallet, analyst for Wavestone and president of the Kryptosphere association.

Kryptosphere is the first non-profit student association, in date and number, democratizing digital assets and Blockchain technology since 2016. It has around 700 members and regularly organizes events around cryptos.

The ” Talks Alyra » take place every Monday during the training. They allow the learners that we are to meet the actors of the ecosystem and to confront the theoretical knowledge that is given to us with the realities on the ground.

The first two weeks of classes

Otherwise, the first two weeks of training focused on public blockchains, with courses on the concept of value applied to them. It is essential to understand the very basis of the interest of the blockchain if one wants to take advantage of it. In the field of blockchain, the theory of value is useful for identifying the economic objectives that are behind the various crypto projects that are flourishing around the world.

To this end, it is necessary to know that there is intrinsic value, use value and exchange value. The first refers to the very nature of the object, such as its physical and chemical composition. The second is related to the use that can be made of the object, and the last represents the opportunity cost related to the object considered.

The history of the theory of value has been widely discussed, to allow us to understand the origin of the concept, and better place it in the contemporary context.

The next two weeks of classes will allow us to address on the one hand the centralization of the Internet and on the other hand, the digital gold that is bitcoin.


The training takes place in a very good atmosphere and the trainers seem to be listening to us. In two weeks, I learned a lot. I also met people eager for knowledge like me and above all eager to take advantage of the great revolution that is the blockvskchain.

Only downside, the amount of knowledge that must be digested. I must admit, the courses are dense, although clearly explained. However, the enthusiasts that we are will undoubtedly find a way to accommodate ourselves to it.

Alyra’s teams waiting for you in order to discuss with you.

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