Ethereum (ETH): Google now displays the balance of ETH addresses

When the largest search engine in the world is interested in cryptocurrencies, it naturally arouses the interest of the general public! After displaying the countdown to The Merge of Ethereum (ETH), Google goes even further and decides to strengthen its presence in the crypto sector.

Google and cryptocurrencies are getting stronger!

The rapid development of the crypto ecosystem is pushing many companies to review their position vis-à-vis it. Among these, the largest search engine in the world. Indeed, Google now allows users to check the balance of an Ethereum (ETH) address.

The operation is quite simple. To do this, just paste the address in the search bar. Then, the balance is displayed thanks to the data collected by the Ethereum block explorer Etherscan. The remark was made by Han Hua, a former Google engineer and lead crypto investor at Google Ventures.

However, it would appear that this only applies to Ethereum addresses. Other addresses, such as Bitcoin for example, are not yet displayed. However, there is a good chance that the situation will change soon since Google is chaining agreements with cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Soon crypto payments?

Google seems determined to adopt cryptocurrencies. The technology giant announced on October 11 a new agreement with Coinbase. The latter will allow a limited number of customers to pay for their cloud services with cryptos such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

Google also plans to explore Coinbase Prime, a custodial service for storing and trading digital assets. In return, Coinbase will move some of its data-related applications from Amazon Prime Services to Google Cloud. However, this agreement will not come into force until the beginning of next year.

In the meantime, the technology giant is chaining agreements with exchanges. On October 4, it signed a partnership with Near Protocol in which it provides technical support to Near grant recipients. Earlier in September, he partnered with BNB Chain.

As the crypto sector blossoms like a flower, Google is taking the opportunity to strengthen its presence. Viewing Ethereum (ETH) address balances is just the first step. Indeed, if his agreement with Coinbase stipulates that only a restricted group of customers will be able to make payments in cryptos, Amit Zavery claims that the service will extend to the greatest number over time.

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