Ethereum (ETH), 8ᵉ anniversary: ​​Changpeng Zhao remembers the beginnings

Sunday, July 30 is the anniversary date of the launch of the Ethereum crypto platform. On this occasion, several influential members of the crypto community shared their experiences around crypto.

Ethereum, 8 years of good and loyal service?

On January 3, the Bitcoin network celebrated its 14th anniversary. Sunday, July 30, it is the turn of the Ethereum network to celebrate its 8 years of presence in the global crypto industry. As a reminder, it is the second most important network in terms of valuation.

The event did not leave Changpeng Zhao indifferent, the boss of the Binance exchange. As part of the anniversary celebration, the official shared memories of Vitalik Buterin on Twitter.

Changpeng Zhao notably recounts how, in May 2015, the boss of Ethereum had stayed at his home in Tokyo. A passage immortalized by a photo in which we see the two crypto experts, surrounded by some of their collaborators.

At the time, when the Ethereum network was not yet launched, Vitalik Buterin talked about his project with great enthusiasm. A memory that Changpeng Zhao seems to be satisfied with, however regretting not having offered the first Ethereum (ETH).

Perhaps he did not believe too much in the relevance of this crypto at that time? The boss, however, consoles himself for having missed the opportunity “of a lifetime”. An investment that, if he had made it, might not have given birth to Binance, he thinks.

“But again, if I had bought ETH at the time, I might not have had the need or the will to launch Binance. Who knows ? », said the head of Binance, in a Twitter thread. This, by promising not to miss the many opportunities to come.

Note that Changpeng Zhao is not the only one to have publicly celebrated the 8ᵉ anniversary of Ethereum. Other notable players in the crypto industry have done the same. This is, for example, the case of podcaster Ryan Sean Adams.

The latter points out with interest that the Ethereum network is “$400 billion in guaranteed value, $3.6 billion in annualized profits, and a total of 17.8 million blocks of uncensorable digital property.” “Not bad for eight years of existence”he quips.

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