Economist Nassim Taleb predicts crypto rout over AI

In recent months, the crypto industry has seen mixed performance. A trend often marked by the spectacular success of certain assets despite the resurgence of regulatory setbacks. These developments would have had an impact on the crypto market, which seems to compete with that of AI in terms of enthusiasm.

The craze for reinforced AI at the expense of cryptos?

The Binance boss had expressed his optimism regarding the positive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on crypto adoption. This is not what is likely to happen, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Indeed, the famous economist recently delivered his opinion on the current dynamics of the crypto industry. He estimates that crypto market shows signs of running out of steam in favor of AI.

According to the expert, the craze around this booming technology is growing among many tech-savvy young adults. This, while so far, they have been rather interested in cryptos.

What is happening according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb is that the craze for digital currencies like bitcoin is gradually waning. A situation that occurs in a context where younger generations are increasingly interested in AI.

Does this mean that the artificial intelligence market would tend to replace that of cryptos? The question is intriguing to say the least, especially since AI has an absolutely unparalleled adoption rate.

However, several analysts are unanimous in saying that AI is not going to replace the flourishing crypto sector. For good reason, despite a scathing bear market, this industry continues to generate interest.

The figures relating to the dynamism of this market also seem to be quite glowing. Because, despite a difficult economic context, bitcoin, for example, has grown by more than 80% since the beginning of the year. This has not left the traditional financial sector indifferent.

The multiplication of requests for Bitcoin ETFs in recent weeks, and the recent victory of Ripple are part of the crypto boom. All of which suggests that the crypto market is showing encouraging signs of revival.

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