Bitcoin: Is Craig Wright Satoshi?  The investigation continues in the UK

Bitcoin creator identity is one of the most controversial topics in the crypto industry. This is one of the most cleverly maintained mysteries since the launch of the blockchain in 2008. We know that the latter was the work of a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. But no one knows who hides under this name. Except a certain Craig Steven Wright who claims it.

A hearing in England, around the rights of the alleged author of Bitcoin

Is Craig Steven Wright really the creator of Bitcoin, as he claims? This is the big question to be answered in a trial involving the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto, in the UK.

The interested party will try, once again, to prove that he is indeed the author of bitcoin. Because this legal procedure is not the first initiative of its kind implemented by Craig Steven Wright.

Indeed, the latter made several similar attempts which ultimately did not succeed. We think in particular of the legal action of which Craig Steven Wright was dismissed in October 2022.

We also think of the lawsuit of the Australian computer scientist, against 16 American Bitcoin developers, for copyright infringement. A lawsuit rejected at first, but which will be the subject of a new trial at the beginning of next year.

We do not forget his representations to the Copyright Office in 2019, all of which were rejected. An umpteenth which reflects the generalized skepticism as to the veracity of the identity which he claims to possess.

And this is precisely the whole point of the trial of Craig Steven Wright in the Kingdom. Will British justice also refuse to recognize the latter’s involvement in the creation of Bitcoin?

We will know at the end of the trial, the date of which has not yet filtered. Craig Steven Wright can rejoice at having the opportunity to speak in front of a judge. But the question of whether the latter would recognize his rights is another matter.

He still has to prove his identity. And consequently, his direct involvement in the creation of the Bitcoin white paper, its file format and its database. This is its main difficulty since it is distributed under an open source software license.

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