Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis, a revolutionary and captivating game

Oxya Origin has built a powerful gaming ecosystem designed to empower players in an immersive universe through assets supported by a circular economy. Developed on Unreal Engine 5 and in incubation at Ubisoft, the game Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis will be released in a few months, at the end of this year.

A revolutionary game, at the confluence of Web2 and Web3

Jacques Garois, CEO of the Oxya Origin project, is particularly proud to present the game Road to Genesis, which he describes as revolutionary. It is, he says, a product created at the crossroads of Web2 and Web3. During an interview granted to journalists from BFM Business TV, he explains that the team took “the best of both worlds” to develop this shooter type game, integrated into a science fiction environment.

Gamers have seen the evolution of the most legendary titles in the world of web2 gaming over the past few years. With this hybrid design, it’s all about appealing to more players accustomed to traditional games, with great gameplay and ever-improving graphics. By creating this same type of game, Oxya Origin simply wants to offer its players captivating and unique experiences.

The team then adds a “new blockchain layer” to the traditional game as explained by Jacques Garois. This allows players to hold their NFTs as part of a circular economy. In other words, players can buy NFTs (assets, skins, land, etc.), resell them or rent them. They can also earn crypto by monetizing their skill. For their part, the platform takes commissions to develop the company, develop the game, etc.

Road to Genesis: Gameplay and game modes

Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis leverages timeless gameplay principles. The project team notably implements Roguelike and Battle Royale modes in addition to integrating proven shooter modes. The gameplay is defined by several elements, including the setting, a dystopian galaxy made up of three planets (Kyro, Luxion and Naya) with distinct environments and populations that have evolved greatly over thousands of years. On these planets, the protagonists fight over OXYA, a rare substance.

The gameplay is also marked by seasons, dynamic events that alter the story. In this universe, the developers have also integrated dungeons, Roguelike-like challenges where players can fight creatures, explore and earn rewards. The game is offered in both a free-to-play (free) and play-and-earn (paid mode that gives players access to exclusive content and rewards) models.

High-end graphics

Oxya Origin has developed the skeleton of the game for the past two years before adding a technological layer to polish the whole thing. This technology layer is Unreal Engine 5. Oxya Origin developed Road to Genesis using Lumen Nanite technology from Unreal Engine 5. The Oxya Origin team took advantage of this new technology with the help of Ubisoft and Unreal Engine developers.

The ultimate goal is to deliver more realistic graphics, including dynamic lighting changes, realistic reflections, and accurate shadows. Results ? A more immersive experience for players who benefit from a “bluffing” visual, to use the term chosen by Jacques Garois. This technology boosts the graphics for a better quality of play, but also allows the game to be more accessible and more efficient.

Assets supported by a profitable circular economy

Jacques Garois specifies that they also launched the token for the game Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis. The token will form the central core of the ecosystem. Thanks to cryptos, players can earn money. In particular, they can monetize their skills and their time in the game in two ways:

  • By Playing – Players can earn tokens and assets by playing the game and completing quests, challenges, and participating in events.
  • By Creating – Players can create content for the game, such as skins, maps, weapons, and more, and sell them in the marketplace for tokens or assets.
Interview with Jacques Garois on the occasion of the NFC 2023


Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis will host single and multiplayer game modes, quests, dungeons, battle royale tournaments, and user-generated social experiences. The game aims to be a Web3 social hub for the masses, governed and owned by the community, where players, merchants and creators socialize and co-create to evolve the game.

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