Crypto XRP: The frantic quest for $1

XRP, forgotten by the All Time High (ATH) of November 2021, remains in the shadow of its record established in January 2018 at $3.40. However, eyes are once again on Ripple’s crypto, hoping for a return to the top, to $1 or more.

XRP in full swing: Heading towards $1

THE March fluctuations animated the XRP, but the period from March 11 to 15 was remarkable: a roller coaster from $0.73 to $0.61. Since then, the Ripple coin has not shone, despite a trading volume up 125%a detail that observers did not fail to notice.

XRP/BTC – Official announcement of the Bull Run – UPDATE. »

In the twists and turns of the cryptographic world, a voice emerges: that of‘Egra Crypto, enigmatic analyst, preacher of a bright future for XRP. On the virtual airwaves of X (formerly Twitter), on March 24, his prophecies ignited the crypto community.

The oracle announces the dawn of a bullish cycle for the tokencatapulting him towards the coveted $1 highs. Echoes of a bygone era resonate: 2017, a golden period of soaring prices in the cryptocurrency market.

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Careful Analysis of Egra Crypto Reveals a potential fall of the XRP/BTC pair before the big takeoff, plunging to $0.00000773. “ The official announcement of the bull cycle is imminent! #XRP retraces its 2017 cycle, prelude to the announcement of the bull run » he declares, modern prophet of digital times.

The scouting doesn’t stop there. It reveals the mystery of “W” diagram, the 10th of its kind, in perfect synchronization with the current market. This pattern often foreshadows large price movements, reinforcing the idea of ​​an imminent rally for XRP.

As for the price objectives, two scenarios emerge: an ascent towards $1 according to the non-logarithmic projection, and a surge to $1.2 according to the logarithmic projection. The XRP skies seem ready to open up to new horizons, driven by Egrag Crypto’s bold predictions.

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The SEC Affair: An XRP at the Crossroads

As XRP struggles to cross the symbolic dollar threshold, investors eagerly await the outcome of the Ripple case against the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Although the court rejected the idea of ​​XRP being a security, the legal clarity was not enough to propel the token past the $1 mark.

The latest chapter in this saga saw the SEC file its opening brief, keeping the details of the proceedings in the shadows, cite Finbold. Market attention is now focused on the SEC’s arguments for punitive sanctions, particularly under Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933.

The threat of sanctions looms over Ripple if the SEC proves that the company continued to violate the law after the initial complaint. Meanwhile, XRP is hovering around $0.62, with modest but steady gains, reflecting the uncertainty that reigns as the matter continues to evolve.

And this may lead to the issuance of an XRP ETF, some analysts predict.

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