Bitcoin tsunami!  When whales unleash their power!

The gusts of wind announcing the arrival of the tsunami initially blew in a disturbing murmur. Then came the explosion: the cryptographic markets were shaken to their foundations by a movement of incredible violence. The Bitcoin whales have awakened from their long torpor to throw their behemoth wallets into the arena.

A groundswell of profound change

The scale of the phenomenon is commensurate with its destabilizing potential. In just a few days, the dormant supply of Bitcoin – these coins that have remained immobilized for years in the shadows of institutional portfolios – experienced its most violent wave in two years. A monetary tidal wave of exceptional power which does not bode well for ambient stability.

Although analysts strive to reassure by talking about “profit-taking” strategies, no one is fooled. Because behind these simple words lie capital movements with gigantic consequences for ordinary investors. By releasing such colossal quantities of Bitcoin onto the markets, whales inevitably trigger speculative storms of rare intensity.

However, perhaps the most worrying thing lies in the psychological repercussions of such a shock on the mass of investors. Because if even the supposed last-hour “hodlers” give in to the sirens of quick profits, what can we say about the discipline of the small carriers faced with the horrors of this new raging sea?

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The kingdom of Bitcoin under the shadow of crypto giants

Beyond the speculative tsunami represented by this whale wave, it is the very structure of power within the Bitcoin ecosystem that is being called into question. By dropping massively from one side of the crypto kingdom to the other, these new megalodons make the established authorities bow down.

Just this week alone, nearly 60% of the whales’ trading positions switched to “long” mode on Bitcoin. A terrible steamroller Bear rolling the launch pads towards hypothetical new bullish highs.

What then can we say about the additional power given to them by their plump presence in the spheres of derivative products? By positioning themselves in strength on these highly leveraged instruments, whales now have the capacity to significantly influence the underlying trends of the Bitcoin market.

Thus, while the earthquake spreads from dysfunction to dysfunction within the crypto infrastructures, the dull roars of the Bitcoin whales intensify the pace. Monetary black tides, massive distortions of market trends or even threats of structural interference, the worrying signs are multiplying without anyone being able to predict the final epicenter of this financial explosion.

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