Launch of the first ultra-fast Tezos (XTZ) public sidechain!

Marigold offers a blockchain natively interoperable with Tezos, thanks to its Layer-2 solution, which allows for increased transaction speed, low user fees and a high level of security.

Marigold launches the first public sidechain on Tezos (XTZ)

The international team of developers dedicated to the Tezos blockchain behind Marigold has just announced the launch of its “Deku-C” scaling solution on Tezos. Through this technology, it allows all companies wishing to develop projects and DApps on the blockchain to benefit from a reliable, fast and transparent solution with increased performance. Already in production, Deku-C seamlessly integrates into the governance of the Tezos blockchain and contributes to its sustainability by providing a new layer of infrastructure and an innovative solution to data management issues.

The main strengths of Deku-C are its high production speed (over 50,000 TPS) and very low costs (fees). Deku-C is natively interoperable with Tezos and guarantees the deposit of its assets or their withdrawal at any time thanks to the TzPortal application.

Deku-C works with a new WebAssembly-based virtual machine (WASM) that easily allows any developer to produce smart contracts without learning a new dedicated programming language. Flexible and versatile, this scaling solution can meet the use case in all sectors and is particularly aimed at public projects requiring high production speed in the shortest possible time (low latency).

Finally, companies wishing to launch their private or hybrid blockchain project can rely on Deku-P, the framework developed for the realization of Deku-C, itself open source.

Deku is the solution that was missing in the industry to reconcile Public and Private Blockchains, I strongly believe in the hybrid model to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3 », explains Thomas Haessle – Marigold Manager.

In the case of Deku, we use a consensus algorithm that periodically calls Tezos to check the validity of its blocks adds Daniel Hines – Deku Engineering Manager.


If you are looking to build a single-app blockchain, want a packaged approach to blockchain, and are targeting an agile, cross-chain compatible solution, Deku is a reliable, efficient and affordable tool that is an extension of Tezos for international use and deployment.

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