Crypto: Wownero, the amazing memecoin of Monero

Memecoins never stop being talked about in the crypto ecosystem. It is in this context that Wownero fits. The project was born a fork of Monero, often considered the only cryptocurrency to guarantee true anonymity during transactions. Launched in 2018 as a joke, Wownero has had time to develop while keeping the privacy central to his concerns. An adventure that looks more and more like a legitimate project.

A memecoin that defends privacy

Originally presented on the famous forum bitcointalk, Wownero was able to attract motivated developers to contribute to his project. Wownero, so it’s a bit like XMR merged with Dogecoin. Is this crypto with the reversed “M” a shitcoin like the others? This is what is assumed, and even claimed: the team is not serious, the roadmap is non-existent, and the investors are geeks who mainly want to have fun. After all, why should the crypto world be so serious? The project is ironic about the traditional codes of the ecosystem by choosing a dubious slogan: “The future is Wow”. On the site official, the Wownero project roadmap comes in the form of a treasure map illegible. A way to make fun of certain crypto projects known to stir up the wind. The whitepaper is also a concentrate of tasty jokes. However, cryptocurrency exists, is traded, and people undermine it “recalls John Murphy, developer involved in the project.

John Murphy presents the Wownero as part of the MoneroTalk podcast

A fate similar to that of Dogecoin?

Despite this apparent lightness, a lot of work is provided by the developers to build the network. Without talking about the “Wownero ecosystem”, we still find a well-established crypto, supported by an active community both for technical discussions and on social networks. Especially since Wownero, unlike many shady projects, has its own blockchain, available in open source. Crypto is also easily mineable with an ordinary CPU. Thus, no need to own expensive equipment, everyone can participate in the validation of the blocks with the same chances of remuneration. Another fun fact, Wownero has his own internet radio community: the ideal playlist while setting up your mining pool.

Today, the crypto market has to reckon with the phenomenon of memecoins. Waste of time and energy for some, disguised scams for others, the fact remains that memecoins are now a full part of the crypto industry. Can Wownero go as viral as its alter ego Dogecoin? This is a possibility, especially if there is renewed interest in privacy issues. It would not be surprising then to see some corners communities such as Wownero highly valued. As a reminder, the WOW had exceeded $1.30 in April 2021, for a supply of around 50 million tokens in circulation.

Comparison between Dogecoin and Wownero


An atypical memecoin, Wownero is a UFO in the crypto ecosystem. If the Wownero was originally a joke, this joke strangely resulted in a technically well-crafted and perfectly functional project. Despite his initial desire to make people laugh, this did not prevent him from developing a close-knit community inspired by the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero.

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