Hold your own crypto keys?  Yes it's possible !

In the world of cryptocurrency, security plays a major role (especially after the latest events). To regain the trust of users, crypto companies do not skimp on the means to guarantee the safety and security of their customers’ assets.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has also joined in this fight. He has just published on his twitter account advice to follow to hold his own keys.

Learn to hold your own keys, according to CZ

Changpeng Zhao emphasizes safety

Like many players in the crypto industry, Changpeng Zhao cares about the security of its clients’ assets. In these latest statements, he sends a strong message to his community: he understands their doubt and fear about the security issue of crypto assets.

It’s been more than a month since he tweeted to encourage members of his community to take personal control of their assets. It’s more of a kind of awareness raising than an advertisement he made for his company’s Trust Wallet product.

Tips for holding your own crypto keys

The CEO of Binance, the largest crypto exchange company, used the post of Officer’s Notes to communicate to his community the points to follow to control their own keys.

The 5 points relate to the following elements:

  • Store private key by seed phrase
  • Use shorthand
  • Watch out for physical attacks
  • Follow the OPSEC Guide” proposed by the original author of the post (Officer’s Notes Medium)
  • Stay accurate

Changpeng Zhao issued another recommendation: start with a small amount. According to him, caution will always remain in order until we fully master the technology or the configuration involved.

The Binance CEO’s post earned him thanks from many in his community. For some, the security offered by Binance is more than enough for them (for now anyway). This further enhances the notoriety of this crypto exchange platform.

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