Crypto: Google Cloud joins the Celo network as a validator

The Celo Foundation announced a major milestone for its network by welcoming Google Cloud as its new validator. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for the Celo project, which seeks to migrate to an Ethereum Layer 2 solution.

Google Cloud: New validator from Celo!

The Celo network recently took a decisive step by opting to migrate its independent blockchain to an Ethereum-based layer 2 solution. This transition aims to facilitate the sharing of liquidity between the two networks while strengthening overall security.

To ensure the success of this migration, cLabs, the company behind Celo, made the strategic choice to rely on Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node hosting service.

On Wednesday August 2, the Celo Foundation announcement a new collaboration with Google Cloud for the development of its network. This alliance positions Google Cloud alongside Deutsche Telekom and other ecosystem contributors. These play a crucial role in verifying new transactions and actively help maintain the security of the Celo blockchain. A promising step for the future of the platform.

A fruitful collaboration for the future of Celo

The relationship between Google Cloud and Celo is not new. Indeed, the Web2 giant had already collaborated with Celo in the past by offering workshops and cloud computing services for Web3 developers and founders operating the Celo network.

This new enhanced collaboration shows Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting the Web3 ecosystem. Thanks to Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, Celo participants will be able to experience smoother node operations.

The node engine will relay transactions without waiting for node synchronization, making it easier to align Celo 2.0 with the Ethereum network. This improvement will not only strengthen the overall performance of the Celo network, but also greatly simplify the exchanges between the two networks.

Carlos Arena, Director of Digital Assets at Google Cloud, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

Running a validator on the Celo network builds on our collaboration with the Celo Foundation, and we look forward to helping to enable the network’s growth.

The integration of Google Cloud as a validator on the Celo network marks an important step in the development of this platform. This collaboration opens up new perspectives for the future of Celo and is already generating great interest in the market. Indeed, the news of this collaboration had an immediate impact on Celo’s CELO token, which saw a 6% surge within minutes of the news.

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