Crypto: Van de Poppe unveils a strategy to benefit from the bullish cycle of altcoins

The crypto market is booming, with altcoins performing impressively. But how do you know when to buy and sell cryptoassets? Michael Van de Poppe, a renowned crypto analyst, offers his advice.

Van de Poppe gives strategies for buying altcoins

Do not buy overvalued altcoins

Expert Van de Poppe multiple its crypto predictions. Lately, he warned his followers not to be tempted by altcoins that have already seen a strong rise.

“Altcoins are often overvalued. Certainly, these cryptocurrencies take advantage of hype and positive sentiments to attract crypto investors. But they remain exposed to significant corrections. »

To support its aboutVan de Poppe took the example of Ethereum. According to him, this crypto has been undervalued since The Merge. He even believes that:

  • the impact of the merger on Ethereum will be felt in the long term,
  • the flagship altcoin still has strong growth potential.

Van de Poppe reveals simple crypto strategy

Van de Poppe offers a simple crypto strategy for entering the altcoin market: expect declines of 25% before buying a rally altcoin. According to him, this method reduces risk and increases potential profit margins.

He also illustrates his points with several examples of crypto-currencies which have followed this pattern. These include Solana, Avalanche and Cardano. He points out that these altcoins have experienced periods of consolidation after price peaks, providing attractive buying opportunities.

Another crypto prediction from Van de Poppe

Van de Poppe predicts that the altcoin market will experience a new phase of growth, thanks to the switch of funds from Bitcoin to Ethereum. It is based on the weekly ETH/BTC chart, which shows a reversal of the pair’s downtrend.

Concretely, this crypto-asset expert expects that altcoins linked to the Ethereum ecosystem will benefit from this momentum. According to him, crypto investors should:

  • monitor promising projects like Polygon, Fantom or Harmony;
  • diversify their portfolio;
  • not invest more than they can afford to lose.

Van de Poppe gives his vision of the altcoin market and his strategy for profiting from it. That being said, the caution of each crypto investor remains essential!

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