Nokia ready to tame technology: Vision 2030 of the metaverse and AI

Nokia, late in the metaverse and artificial intelligence, is stepping up its efforts. Its Technology Strategy 2030 report announces massive investments for the next six years.

Nokia anticipates an explosion in demand for networks with the advent of the metaverse

Just like Apple, determined to dominate the AI ​​market despite the setbacks of its Titan project, Nokia is reviewing its objectives. The company give yourself six years to rise among the leaders of the metaverse and technology.

Nokia targets ‘the expanded potential of the metaverse’ in its 2030 strategy. »

Nokia targets ‘the expanded potential of the metaverse’ in its 2030 strategy. »

In frantic race towards the technological futureNokia is bracing for an unprecedented boom in network demand, boosted by upcoming advances in the metaverse, Web3 and artificial intelligence (AI)by 2030, specifies Cointelegraph.

According to his report Technology Strategy 2030, Nokia predicts dramatic growth in network demand, estimated at between 22% and 25% by the end of the decade. Federico Guillén, president of network infrastructure at Nokia, points to therecent rise of generative AI and virtual reality devices as the main drivers of this expansion.

Nokia’s strategy? A massive investment in its arsenal of network equipment and services, with a particular focus on the Internet of Value. The company is preparing to dive into the twists and turns of the metaverse, with a vision focused on human augmentation, spatial computing and split processing.

Far from being left behind in the technological race, Nokia is showing that it is more ready than ever to face the challenges of tomorrow, with a determined ambition to dominate the networking landscape for decades to come.

Dive into the metaverse to revolutionize network technology

In search of innovation, Nokia opened two laboratories in 2022 dedicated to the study of the metaverse and underlying technologiesthus foreshadowing a daring dive into the depths of the future.

Armed with its future network architecture based on “digital twin technology” or digital twin technology, Nokia is exploring new horizons. In South Australia, the telecommunications giant has entered the metaverse to support Cessna aircraft technicians in remote areas, marking a revolution in technical support.

In this quest for experimentation, Finnish scientists at Nokia have pushed the boundaries of innovation by developing digital twins called “Metahumans”. Combining visual representation and exploration of emotions and cognitive states, these virtual avatars open new perspectives for human resources management and the gamification of work processes.

Beyond simple simulation, these advances promise a real revolution in industrial management, making it possible not only to optimize work strategies and safety measures, but also to improve performance and yields in a real ecosystem. Nokia, resolutely focused on the future, is paving the way for an era where the boundary between the real and the virtual is blurring to reinvent network technology.

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