Crypto: MetaMask has been removed from the App Store

The crypto industry has seen another jolt recently. MetaMask has been temporarily removed from the Apple App Store, leaving users and investors in uncertainty. But why such a decision? And what are the implications for users?

Behind the scenes of the withdrawal: reasons still unclear

Crypto and Apple have had a contentious relationship for some time. The MetaMask team quickly communicated the app’s removal from the App Store, reassuring users that it was working hard to resolve the situation.

However, the reason for the withdrawal remains unclear. Sources speak of a change in Apple’s policy towards DeFi and crypto apps.

These rumors highlight the challenges that crypto companies face in the face of the fluctuating directions of large platforms.

The temporary withdrawal of MetaMask caused some panic among its customers.

Many experts quickly advised holders of crypto-assets to make a backup of their private keys, recalling the potential dangers of an automatic update or a simple bug.

Indeed, losing access to MetaMask without having a copy of your keys could mean the loss of your cryptos.

Fortunately, the MetaMask team ensured that the takedown was not due to malicious activity and urged reporting any fraudulent apps masquerading as MetaMask.

A comeback and future innovations in the crypto sphere

After a short absence, MetaMask made its comeback on the App Store, to the great joy of its community of users.

This incident, although disturbing, has not dampened the enthusiasm of the team behind the app.

Indeed, MetaMask recently launched its Snaps Open Beta, an innovative feature aimed at creating a fully decentralized crypto ecosystem, allowing users to manage a variety of assets, potentially including Bitcoin in the future.

The MetaMask incident on the Apple App Store serves as a reminder of the importance for crypto businesses to remain nimble and adaptive in the face of an ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape.

For users, it serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution, always making sure to protect their valuable digital assets.

As the crypto world continues to grow and transform, one thing is certain: the road is still long and full of surprises. Meanwhile, France is questioning the DEFI.

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