FTX: Justin Sun to the rescue of investors?

Since its resounding fall and filing for bankruptcy, FTX has been the object of much covetousness. We know in particular that Ripple is about to make agreements to buy back the assets of this crypto platform. According to the latest news, the Tron company has also been added to the list of potential buyers.

The information was quickly relayed on Twitter: Justin Tron plans to buy the assets of the crypto platform FTX

We are talking more specifically about a “possible” purchase of the assets of the FTX crypto platform

In an interview with the wall street journal November 22, the founder of Tron makes an interesting revelation. Justin Sun would indeed intend to buy the assets of FTX. More concretely, he and his lawyers are currently evaluating the assets of the crypto platform with a view to a “possible takeover”.

“We are open to any type of agreement. I think all options are on the table. At this time, we are evaluating assets one by one. But as far as I know, the process will be long, since they are already included in the bankruptcy procedure”. These are the statements of Justin Sun, while mentioning that representatives of Tron are already holding negotiations with FTX Group in the Bahamas.

Good news, but not at all unexpected!

This is not the first time that TRON has reached out to FTX. As soon as the debacles of the crypto exchange platform began, Justin Son and his team indeed offered him a collaboration. The concept was simple: to help holders of tokens linked to Tron. This included:

  • TRX;
  • Just (JST);
  • Sun (SUN);
  • BitTorrent Token (BTT);
  • Huobi Token (HT).

Today, the boss of Tron is reviewing his strategy and prefers to buy back the assets of FTX. To support his decision, he explains that the bankruptcy of this crypto company will inevitably impact the industry.

In the same vein, you should know that the first round of FTX bankruptcy proceedings has just been concluded. The balance sheet: debts worth 3.1 billion. Current FTX CEO John J. Ray III, however, attests that balance sheets remain solvent for licensed FTX subsidiaries.

The crypto company FTX is currently conducting a thorough review of its assets. It also makes no secret of its firm intention to resell part of its activities. But to whom? Ripple, Tron, BitGo… The contenders are increasing day by day. To be continued…

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