Crypto: The number of transactions explodes on Avalanche (AVAX)!

The evolution of the ecosystem creates many surprises over time. After tough competition between the top two cryptos in terms of market capitalization, Avalanche is causing a stir in the markets. Today, the number of transactions has broken all records and is ahead of Ethereum…

Avalanche (AVAX), very pleasant to use?

The crypto ecosystem is complex and hard to pin down. Every day brings new twists. The sector’s volatility makes it a constantly changing environment that must be monitored to avoid many risks. While all eyes are still on the hypothetical bitcoin explosion, successful Avalanche caught the eye and exceeded all predictions.

Indeed, the number of transactions on the platform exceeded 1.5 million today. It’s a big surprise, but that’s not all! This score is significantly higher than that of Ethereum (ETH) and the two biggest Layer 2s combined.

The blockchain is in perpetual development and its new functionalities certainly play a big role in this resounding success. With 17 million AVAX tokens being staked, it’s no surprise that the platform attracts so many people. However, its biggest asset is certainly the fact that Core Wallet now supports several EVM-compatible chains.

Core Wallet, AVAX’s weapon of war?

Avalanche’s restructuring appears to be blockchain-friendly. Indeed, the native crypto of the platform is in great shape. After a bearish trend that propelled the crypto to $13.78, the token is gradually recovering. Currently, the cryptocurrency is trading at $27.40 and is up 1.50% according to data from CoinMarketCap.

However, this is not what is attracting attention at the moment. Ranked twelfth in the list of best cryptos, Avalanche is surprising investors more and more. The platform announced yesterday that Core, its wallet, will now support blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additionally, this update also includes compatibility with future Avalanche subnets.

The development of Avalanche shows the evolution of the crypto sector. Indeed, the intentions of the founders of the network are clear: to facilitate the user experience. Therefore, the new features of Core Wallet agree with this point of view and are one more step towards achieving perfection.

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