Cold Wallet: BitBox 02, better than the ledger?

Shift Crypto, company creating hardware wallets Bitbox 01 and 02, is based in Switzerland. Less known to the general public than Ledger or Trezor, we wanted to test the functionalities of this rather stylish digital wallet. As you know, your bitcoins (BTC) aren’t really yours if you don’t have access to your private keys. It’s time to be 100% happy owner.

BitBox 02: multi-cryptocurrency wallet

There is a “Bitboin Only” wallet. The BitBox 02 supports bitcoin and 12 cryptos (including stablecoins like Tether or Dai). As you can see in the photos, the wallet has a USB-C port: don’t panic, an adapter is provided if, like me, you have a PC oldschool. A longer cable will allow you to have the box in your hand for more comfort of use. You will find in the box an SD card for the back-up and a very brief user manual. We can’t hide anything from you: as soon as we are interested in cryptos, we regret not having put a little more enthusiasm into learning the language of Shakespeare. In the long run, the most reluctant will end up learning the essential words…

bitbox shift crypto bitcoin
Simple gestures to manipulate the BitBox

Configuring the BitBox

You need to go to the Shift Crypto website and in “ app“. Several versions, including a mobile one, are available to connect the wallet easily. The application is in French with sometimes forgotten sentences in English here and there. Follow the instructions on the small digital box to create a backup on the SD card provided. You still have the possibility to write down the 24 words of your passphrase. The manipulations, very simple, are also explained to you by Rogzy in a video. You can also create different wallets by giving them each a name (and I found that personally really nice). You can also connect your BitBox to your node, you will find the instructions here.

bitbox hardware wallet bitcoin shiftcrypto

Compatibility with Ledger and Trezor

The BitBox is compatible with the ledger: insert your 24 words and you will regain access to your bitcoins. It’s practical and reassuring in a way. As you know, we talk about storage, but your cryptos are not stored: the wallets allow you to interact with the blockchain in a secure way. It is therefore interesting to know that you can recover access to your funds through another wallet. According to the website, the box is also compatible with Trezor. A tutorial (in English) explains how the BitBox is the most secure if you use the multisig.

bitbox hardware wallet bitcoin shiftcrypto
BitBox packaging must be sealed

Prices and accessories

The price of BitBoxes is unique: 129 euros. An original pack (229 euros) lies in the offer ” BitBox02 Onboarding Bundle » : you buy the BitBox, but also benefit from a 45-minute online assistance to ask all your questions. The installation itself only takes a few minutes, but the support will guide you through the configuration related to the security of your bitcoins (BTC). The site is only in two languages ​​(English and German) and the assistance too. Other accessories are available such as a metal wallet to engrave your passphrase. You can pay in bitcoins (BTC) for all products in the store. Preferably buy directly from the manufacturer for security reasons, some remember the story of fake Ledger keys… Of course, never buy a second-hand product.

The shift crypto team is on Twitteryou can also contact her by email: support[@]

The BitBox is a beautiful object, easy to handle, with an original backup on an SD card. The Shift Crypto team is very involved in the constant improvement of security, its software is moreover open-source. She is also involved in the adoption of bitcoin for all and has positioned herself in the Hodlonaut/Craig Wright case by donating $10,000 towards Hodlonaut’s legal costs in the court case which is currently taking place.

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