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Polkadot (DOT) is one of the fastest growing networks in the blockchain universe. Developers, infrastructure providers and the projects deployed there are the drivers of this activity. That said, its popularity is mostly tied to parachains. It is a technology that allows the creation of custom blockchains while taking advantage of the interoperability, scalability and security offered by Polkadot. Discover the latest news from this ecosystem.

Unique Network launched its Punks for the People campaign

Unique Network is a scalable network focused on NFTs on Polkadot. With this new campaign, he intends to democratize access to NFTs. Specifically, the goal is to allow investors to acquire a fraction of a Cryptopunk or Subtrapunk NFT.

Unique Network’s Punks for the People campaign is launched

Several new features at Astar Network

Lately, Astar Network, the multi-chain smart contract platform, has gone through several evolutions.

  • First, she opened her HRMP channel to Acala Network. Which means that the two networks can now communicate.
  • Next, Ledger, the maker of hard walletannounced support for Astar Network and Shiden Network.
  • Also, a new feature called AstarBase for Developers has been launched. It makes it possible to match a native address to an EVM address.
  • In addition, the network hosted Algem, a DeFi project from liquid staking.
  • Finally, Sota Watanabe, the CEO of Astar, introduced on Twitter the dApp staking. This approach aims to “distribute a base income to developers based on their performance from block rewards”.
Astar CEO explains dApp staking on Twitter

Trust Wallet has integrated staking on Polkadot

Trust Wallet users can now stake their DOT tokens and collect their rewards directly from their wallet mobile. That said, a minimum bet of 10 DOT is required to take part in this activity.

Trust Wallet Announces DOT Staking Integration

Project Galaxy collaborates with Moonbeam

Project Galaxy has integrated Moonbeam Network, Polkadot’s parachain focused on smart contracts. This integration will projects developed on Moonbeam to use Project Galaxy to design and implement promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and reward systems for members of their community.

Project Galaxy announces integration with Moonbeam

Phala caused a stir at the last Polkadot Decoded

During the Polkadot Decoded 2022 conference, Dr. Shelven Zhou, Chief Researcher at Phala Network, gave a presentation that made an impression. During his presentation, he discussed the specifics of Phala and how it works. Additionally, he highlighted the relevance of web3 cloud computing over blockchain and web2 cloud computing.

At the same time, Hang Yin, co-founder and chief developer of Phala Network, led a workshop on how to create an oracle using the ink! programming language. During his talk, he demonstrated how to bind an off-chain identity to the blockchain, send HTTP requests to verify off-chain data, and distribute NFT rewards with Phala Network.

Worshop Polkadot Decoded 2022: How to build an oracle in 15 minutes using ink!

Polkadot is an ever-changing environment. In addition to its own developments, the projects it houses are regularly enriched with new features, collaborations and community initiatives. This contributes significantly to the sustainability of the network.

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