Crypto: The Mastercard Start Path program promotes blockchain startups

Launched in 2014, Mastercard’s Start Path In Solidarity course aims to promote start-ups in the start-up phase or at the end of their career. It consists of the allocation of bonuses or mentoring based on their commitment. The more they display beliefs similar to those of Mastercard, the more they have the chance to integrate the program. Recently, 7 blockchain and cryptocurrency startups were added to Mastercard Start Path.

Mastercard supports 7 companies in the crypto and blockchain sector

In July, Finextra has identified 7 innovative companies in the start-up phase wishing to develop their activities. Carbon Neutral Club, Palla, Guava, oneKIN, Yunit, SUMA Wealth and Truora have joined the Start Path In Solidarity journey on occasion.

Thursday, November 3, Cointelegraph revealed that Mastercard has added 7 blockchain startups to its crypto accelerator. Their commitment to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 is part of the criteria imposed by Mastercard. Here is the list of these companies:

  • Fasset, a cryptocurrency gateway provider;
  • Digital Treasures Center, a Singaporean crypto payment platform;
  • Stable, a company specializing in stablecoins;
  • Loot Bolt, a web-based social payments system provider3;
  • Quadrata, a privacy startup;
  • Take Back the Mic, a blockchain-based media fintech project;
  • as well as Uptop, a brand-oriented platform.

We welcome a new cohort of startups to facilitate access to digital assets, build communities for creators and empower people to innovate in the future through Web3 technologies “, specified Mastercard on his website.

The Mastercard Start Path Program

A program spread over 6 months

Mastercard Start Path, whose goal is to help startups develop and sell their products and services, has already promoted 350 startups since its inception. Many of them have already been able to acquire unicorn status during the 6 months of mentorship offered. Last year, this contactless payment specialist set up a specialist cryptocurrency division within the same program. Called Start Path Crypto, it consists in particular of helping startups with a deep attachment to cryptos and blockchain to raise funds.

All in all, Mastercard definitely wants strengthen its position in the cryptosphere. Indeed, the crypto cards it launched in partnership with popular exchanges, coupled with multiple collaborations, testify to its desire to propel these assets to the top of the podium.

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