BRICS expansion: Brazil says no!

With more than 40% of the world’s population and nearly 26% of the world economy, the BRICS are increasingly asserting themselves as an emerging power to the point of competing with major groups such as the G7. This grouping of emerging countries has the wind in its sails and is registering numerous applications for membership. These requests may not be accepted anytime soon, as Brazil is against the expansion of the group, according to some sources.

China, Russia and South Africa all in favor of expansion

The ever-growing influence and significant economic weight of the BRICS have prompted many countries to apply to join the group. According to the latest information, around 40 countries would like to join the BRICS. China, Russia and South Africa are all in favor of an expansion of the group. In a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China ” supports progress in expanding membership and invites more like-minded partners to join the BRICS family at the earliest. »

Russia also said that the expansion will be one of the main topics to be discussed at the next coalition summit. As for South Africa, it organized a meeting last June with countries wishing to join the group. Long opposed to expansion, India also appears to have eased its resistance, according to Oliver Stuenkel, a professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo and a BRICS watcher.

Brazil remains against the enlargement of the group

Brazil would now be the only country against the idea of ​​seeing the group of emerging countries expand. According to some sources, the country would be concerned about the cohesion of the group and would like to maintain its influence in this coalition. ” An expansion could turn the block into something else. Brazil’s position is based on the cohesion of the group and the preservation of our place in a group of important countries. said a Brazilian official who requested anonymity.

Some experts, however, believe that, like India, Brazil could soon reconsider its position. The country could support a gradual expansion of the group provided the five permanent members retain prominent roles.

Countries such as Indonesia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are among the contenders for membership of the coalition of emerging countries. The BRICS, which plan to launch their currency, could see their influence increase with the accession of these countries.

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