Crypto: Boost Yields with Yield App?

Yield App is an international FinTech company and digital wealth management platform that has won over 80,000 customers since its launch in February 2021. It is now expanding its product line with a new higher yielding crypto income solution.

About Yield App

Tim Frost, CEO and Founder of Yield App, said: “ I am delighted that Yield App continues to grow and expand its offering during these turbulent times for the cryptocurrency markets. »

This latest launch demonstrates our strength in asset and risk management, which has enabled us to weather the market turmoil and take advantage of the return opportunities arising from this recent volatility. »

Yield App is a digital wealth management platform that offers its clients the opportunity to earn reliable and sustainable profits on the most important digital assets. Users can earn passive income and convert their digital assets through the web platform or mobile app.

Clients simply need to deploy their assets in Yield App portfolios to earn daily compound interest on their stablecoins BTC and ETH. The YLD token is at the heart of the platform’s strategy. It rewards community members with a higher return based on the amount of YLD deposited in staking or locked to the platform.

Yield App’s new product

The new offer, called Earn+, includes portfolios for some stablecoinsand ethers, with a payback notice period of 30 days. Furthermore, theportfolioBitcoin will be updated to provide Earn+ functionality.

These portfolios now offer the highest yields available on the platform. Diamond level members can earn up to 10% per year on Earn+ products bystablecoins. The new Earn+ product line offers customers greater flexibility in their choice of passive income on the platform.

Members who have staked or blocked a minimum of 20,000 YLD, the platform’s native token, enjoy better interest rates from the Yield App product line, as well as a range of exclusive benefits.

Existing instant access products remain available under the Flexible label, and offer an alternative interest rate in exchange for immediate cash.

Yield App’s new Earn+ products complement its range of passive income. To not miss out on its offers, go to the website of the company or follow her on the social networks.

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