Crypto: Kraken in turn blocks Russian users

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has developed a marketplace for users to explore, trade, and hold NFTs. The platform called Kraken NFT aims to be reliable and secure. Until now, it was not available and several specialists were patiently waiting to be able to test its beta version. Kraken recently announced some good news for beta testers. Find out what it is.

Beta testers relieved to finally experience Kraken NFT

Kraken has announcement on his blog on November 3 that his platform is “now live for a select group of beta testers“. The crypto exchange has selected a small number of people from those on its waiting list for the Kraken NFT beta test. He has declared that chosen beta testers will soon receive an email. In the latter, they can find the link to the marketplace to start the beta test.

The official announcement

Beta testers will only have to log in to their Kraken account to explore the new platform. The exchange strongly invites them to give their opinions on its new product. He stated : “The opinion of beta testers will help shape Kraken NFT before we launch it in the global market“.

The company informed the beta testers that they will be able to discover and evaluate, during the test phase, 70 carefully selected collections. She also indicated that she plans to activate several other collections. In addition, it has set up a learning center on its site for novices interested in this type of digital asset.

Marketplace features to explore

Kraken announces that Kraken NFT beta testers will be able to keep their digital objects safe on the platform. They will be able to easily deposit any of the NFTs from their list of 70 collections into the marketplace. The NFTs selected for beta testing are based on the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems.

Beta testers can also compare rarity scores NFTs and put them up for sale. They can also buy NFTs with ease. Regarding this, Kraken said:Since Kraken NFT is a depository marketplace, NFT transactions on the platform are not subject to fees“.

Kraken has created a platform that should make selling, buying, and exploring a variety of NFT collections quick and easy. The beta version of the new marketplace is now live to be tested by a shortlist of specialists.

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