Crypto: Onecoin, finally an outcome in the scam of the century?

A lawsuit is underway in Germany to shed light on the Onecoin case, one of the most notorious scams in the crypto industry. Three people will have to answer for the facts of fraud in court. It is a lawyer from Munich and a couple. They would have played an important role in Ruja Ignatova, the Crytoqueen, achieving her ends. While these three people are going to appear, the main suspect is still in the wild.

3 suspects in the Onecoin case tried in Germany

Onecoin crypto scam accomplices appear in Germany

Several criminal allegations weigh against a lawyer and a couple in Germany. The suspects would be charged for their criminal involvement in Onecoin. Among the other charges against them, there is also the suspicion of money laundering, of bank crimes and even of fraud. The first hearings were held on Tuesday before a German court. The suspects would have used the pyramid scheme of Ruja Ignatovabetter known as Cryptoqueen to scam customers.

According to the German prosecution, the strategy was well oiled. Indeed, the lawyer was in charge of transfer money to cayman islands on behalf of Ruja Ignatova for the acquisition of the apartments in London. Meanwhile, the couple were dealing with the payment of investors onecoin. The German Public Prosecutor’s Office argues that users were investing in the belief that Onecoin was actually a crypto with a fluctuating price depending on the market. This was not the case, since the rising price of this asset was distorted. It is a software that was actually in charge of stimulating the mining process.

As for crypto queen Ignatova, we haven’t seen her since October 2017. She was on a flight to Greece. Created in 2014, the Onecoin company would have allowed Cryptoqueen to embezzle no less than 4 billion dollars to users. It is for this reason that the European authorities and the FBI are actively looking for her. A major operation by the Greek police to locate Cryptoqueen earlier this year would have ended in bitter failure. In 2019, his brother Konstantin Ignatov got caught. He pleaded guilty and immediately decided to seek witness protection in the United States.


Ignatova is believed to be the biggest crypto asset scammer in the world. It is for this reason that she is being sued for money laundering, wire fraud and real estate fraud. From 2014 to 2016, Onecoin had almost 3 million users with a capital gain of 3.4 billion.

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