Comics: The great adventure of bitcoin (BTC) and the blockchain

Here is a magnificent illustrated book published on October 5 by Delcourt editions (Octopus collection). Excellent initiative by Olivier Bossard for the texts and Maud Rivière for the drawings. No text and explanation (too) complicated: in 9 chapters, the authors make a relatively complete tour of the bitcoin universe and the blockchain. From the birth of bitcoin (BTC) to mining and the various wallets, this illustrated book covers (almost) all the aspects and all the questions that can be asked. orange loot* his friends then becomes so much easier, but above all playful. Especially if we remove the afterword.

Screenwriter: Olivier Bossard

Olivier Bossard is a former trader, now professor and Executive Director of the Master Finance at HEC Paris. He also teaches finance at universities in Beijing and Tokyo. We pass a little on his life, however fascinating, within the financial markets and in the amphitheatres. Passionate about teaching (and the prize for the best HEC teacher in 2019 all the same), he uses comics to convey sometimes “dull” concepts: by using the character of Wide Winch (Editions Dupuis) ​​in his courses. With his ” Introduction to finance », he already proposed a didactic work in 42 subjects, grouped into 6 chapters. Illustrated by Philippe Francq, this financial popularization provides a better understanding of how the stock market and financial markets work.

Bitcoin lightning absent from this book: a voluntary oversight?

With this new book, Olivier Bossard invites us to discover and understand the many facets of Blockchain technology, always through comics. Still, he’s not so optimistic about bitcoin’s future, he writes, ” bitcoin as such has no future and its value will fall to zero. (…) It cannot compete with traditional payment systems. “. Even if bitcoin lightning allows faster payment than traditional credit card payments, there is no mention of it in this book. Is this a voluntary omission? Or just to corroborate the author’s opinion that the bitcoin will die in the more or less long term?

As for the fact that bitcoin (BTC) is energy-intensive, it is a cliché that is absolutely not relevant: many articles have repeatedly mentioned the subject here, here or the.

bitcoin blockchain bossard river
bitcoin blockchain bossard river
Olivier Bossard’s new comic strip
bitcoin blockchain bossard river

Illustrator: Maud Rivière

Graduated from the School of Visual Communication Brassart, Maud Riviere worked for 10 years in business as a graphic designer. During this period, she developed one of her passions in parallel: illustration. In 2014, she decided to link these two activities by becoming a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Maud Rivière juggles between media (illustration, comics, graphics) and between styles (youth, cartoon, realistic).

A wise choice to illustrate The Great Bitcoin Adventure since the theme, rather dense and not always simple, is brought by joyful illustrations that invite us to browse the book, and to learn of course, while having a good time. Olivier Bossard is represented here in the style of Maestro in the series “ Once upon a time there was a man “.

You can leaf through the first pages of the album ” The Great Bitcoin and Blockchain Adventure » Octopus collection here.

*For those unfamiliar with the orange pill and the expression orange lootwe invite you to read this article.

In addition to reading this book, you can follow the videos by Olivier Bossard on Youtube. We learn, for example, that this insatiable professor only knew blockchain technology in 2013/2014 and was rather skeptical at the start. Gradually discovering this technology, he is now constantly passing on his knowledge. The book ” the great adventure of bitcoin and blockchain is a great achievement for the attention of a wide audience. We nevertheless feel his preference for the blockchain compared to the bitcoin of which he foresees the end. We would have liked a more extensive chapter on wallets, private keys and centralized platforms with their inherent risks. Mentioning MtGox and more recently Celsius, Voyager and the many other platforms that went bankrupt would not have been superfluous.

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