This is how Sam Bankman-Fried “haunts” the corridors of Congress!

It had been revealed that SBF allegedly corrupted US lawmakers by donating to their campaigns. The former CEO of FTX has denied such accusations, but the facts suggest they are true. That said, Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman recently spoke about the corruption case. This was during a hearing that took place on Thursday afternoon at the Rayburn House Office Building on the regulation of cryptos. The hearing was organized by a subcommittee of the House of Representatives. On this occasion, Sherman insinuated that SBF still wields some influence over Congress.

SBF would like to prevent the regulation of digital assets

At the moment, the US Congress is showing more scrutiny towards the crypto industry. But, crypto-skeptic Brad Sherman suggests that the ghost of Sam Bankman-Fried “ haunted again the halls of Congress. ” His ghost is still in this room. He haunts the corridors of Rayburn “, he precisely declared. The Democratic representative indicated that the former CEO of FTX is trying to prevent the regulation of cryptos. Indeed, he added: But let’s not forget why he was there. For one reason only: To prevent the SEC from being competent in matters of crypto “.

Furthermore, Sherman said: Money and power in this town is on the pro-crypto side because the crypto brothers literally make money by making money and they made over a trillion dollars out of nothing “. He then underline : “ They accuse the US government of making money out of thin air. That may be the case, but we are the US government. What we are able to do benefits the American people in a democratic system. No one elected Sam Bankman-Fried “.

During the hearing, Representative Byron Donalds questioned one of Sherman’s assertions. It was about the one that SBF’s alleged crimes were only related to crypto, and not more traditional fraud. He explained : ” I found it interesting that Sam Bankman-Fried is now the Ghost of Christmas Past. You know what happened to FTX is inadmissible, never tolerated, but it is an accounting fraud “. While Congress focuses on crypto, the US dollar is threatened with losing its dominance internationally. Also, some are considering the use of cryptos to save the day.

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