Chinder - Scroll through your coins the Tinder way!

The world of crypto continues to surprise with original innovations. The latest one? An application called Chinder, which is already arousing the curiosity of crypto enthusiasts. Behind this name is actually a clever concept to say the least, directly inspired by the famous dating site Tinder. The idea: allow users to swipe cryptocurrencies, like on Tinder profiles. Let’s take a closer look at how this promising application works.

When Tinder meets the crypto universe

Chinder’s principle is both very simple and terribly ingenious. Modeled on Tinder, the application allows users to scroll through cryptocurrencies in the form of cards presenting key information about each project.

Rather than liking or disliking human profiles, you can like or dislike tokens offered to you, by swiping right or left. A fun and quick way to discover the trending and promising cryptos of the moment.

Concretely, Chinder draws from the multitude of existing crypto projects and presents you with a selection. A few swipes allow you to scan this selection and match with the crypto corresponding to your expectations or your strategy. The Tinder side of the concept makes discovery a lot more fun.

An application developed on and for the Solana blockchain

Behind Chinder, we find the company Virtual Facade which had the idea of ​​transposing the concept of Tinder to the crypto universe. The app was developed specifically for the Solana blockchain and relies on its technologies.

Currently, only Solana-based tokens are available in Chinder. The application retrieves its cryptocurrency data using Unibot, a Discord bot specialized in Solana ecosystem projects.

It is still unclear whether Chinder will expand its scope to other blockchains in the future. But even limiting itself to Solana, the application already has a reservoir of several thousand crypto, allowing for almost infinite discovery.

With Chinder, swiping tokens between friends becomes possible thanks to this clever concept inspired by Tinder. Behind this fun approach there is also an effective tool for discovering the multitude of new crypto projects. Buoyed by the success encountered, there is no doubt that this promising application will quickly become essential, in particular for exploring the cryptocurrencies native to the Solana blockchain.

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