Cardano: Hydra will not leave the crypto market anytime soon

Rivalries are a thing in the crypto sector. But when misinformation mixes in and gains ground, it’s important to put things in context. And in this sense, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, wants to restore the truth about the Hydra project.

Charles Hoskinson revolts against lies about his project

The war never ends in the crypto ecosystem when it comes to ranking the best blockchains. But sometimes, it happens that certain criticisms are more virulent than we think. After the Hydra update, the project which was supposed to be revolutionary took a hit.

However, what affects Charles Hoskinson the most is misinformation. The co-founder of Cardano can’t take it anymore skepticism towards its blockchain and calls on the crypto community to be more vigilant. Indeed, the cryptocurrency sector is much more complex than you might think.

And in this sense, a spoken lie requires so much more effort to erase it from people’s memories, according to the businessman. Indeed, he believes that there is a difference between not liking a project and defaming it in this way.

This whole story stems from the fact that people think that Hydra will never achieve the performance advertised. So, to put everything into context, Hoskinson thinks this is wrong and it needs to stop. Cardano, in addition to being the hard work of dozens of people, also has extraordinary potential.

Cardano, a blockchain for the scalability of the crypto sector

The fact that malicious people are questioning the potential of Hydra has the founder of Cardano in turmoil. According to him, myths about blockchain’s inability to process transactions quickly must end. On a TPS chart, Cardano’s throughput capacity hovers around 1,000 TPS.

But according to the entrepreneur, this is not the only measure that defines his potential. He says the crypto sector deserves better. As a result, Hydra’s primary objective has evolved over time. So, Hoskinson believes that they have a unique system compared to others. Instead of focusing on TPS, the project focuses on a more important point, the development of middleware. The latter will allow developers to create sophisticated applications on Cardano.

The crypto industry is tough with its ups and downs, but Charles Hoskinson warns community members. You shouldn’t trust everything you hear. Hydra is not a lie! Moreover, it has a goal that respects Cardano’s vision of supporting smart contracts, NFT drops or even DEX transactions.

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