Crypto: Uniswap v4 unveils a new type of swap, towards fee-free trading?

Uniswap, titan of decentralized finance, recently lifted the veil on its latest innovation: Uniswap v4 TWAMM Hook. This innovation mainly aims to offer more competitive prices, while mitigating the impact of large orders on crypto price volatility. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Uniswap Labs launches the TWAMM Hook, a crypto trading innovation!

Uniswap v4 embodies a revolution in the field of decentralized exchanges, adopting a strategy focused on performance and user satisfaction. A recent article from Uniswap Labs highlights the TWAMM Hook, developed to enhance the experience of traders.

Indeed, the Uniswap protocol is essential for many traders, processing transactions worth more than $1.6 trillion. Its most recent version, Uniswap v4, offers developers the ability to integrate tailor-made features via hooks. But, what is the TWAMM Hook?

The TWAMM (Time-Weighted Average Market Maker) is the flagship new feature of the Uniswap v4 update. It fragments large orders into several small transactions spread over time. Result: less price volatility and lower costs for traders.

With this update, Uniswap v4 pools can integrate hooks, smart contracts that operate at various points during the lifecycle of a pool action.

Traders place their orders in the TWAMM hook and determine the execution time. The hook will then execute the order little by little, thus guaranteeing more stable prices

Advantages of TWAMM pool

The TWAMM Hook is a godsend, whether for high-volume trading or DAO treasury management. It allows significant savings during massive movements of funds.

It is also a perfect alternative for those aiming for regular investments, offering compensation for market volatility and ensuring a better average price over time.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), often managing large sums of money, can also benefit from TWAMM. In effect, the TWAMM hook provides them with a way to invest or liquidate their cash without significantly influencing the market.

For example, using TWAMM hooks, a $10 million DAO order can be executed block by block over the next 30 days.

Implications of the TWAMM Hook for the Future of DeFi and Crypto

Although technical, the TWAMM Hook ushers in a revolutionary trading strategy, providing a more balanced and thoughtful method for executing meaningful transactions on the blockchain.

For developers and projects based around the Uniswap protocol, this upgrade, and particularly the integration of TWAMM, opens up a horizon of experimentation and adaptation, to better meet the specific needs of users.

Beyond that, TWAMM could potentially reshape the DeFi universe by reducing MEV (Miner Value Extraction), facilitating automated trading, and boosting the efficiency of decentralized exchanges.

In short, the integration of the TWAMM Hook into Uniswap v4 is a major step forward. It goes beyond a simple technical upgrade, proposing a new approach to confront current challenges while preparing for future challenges in the crypto sector.

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