Boost your trading with the new Bitget campaign

Bitget is one of the main international exchanges. The company has just announced a new “Zero Trading Fees” campaign for each spot trading pair on its platform. The idea is to reward loyal users in the current bear market and encourage newbie traders to take the plunge.

A new program for a better trading experience

As of September 6, users of Bit get will be able to trade all spot trading pairs on the platform free of charge. The “Zero Trading Fees” campaign also has plenty of benefits for the spot market, including 50% off buying popular crypto, airdrops, and a one million BGB prize pool. Spot trading users only need to hold, trade, or keep an eye out to reap these benefits, which will help boost investment returns in the midst of a bear market.

The Bitget Launchpool, launched this month, allows BGB holders to enjoy airdrops of new tokens and popular tokens on the market. Combined with Bitget Launchpad’s BGB privileges and future more exclusive reward programs, the Bitget Launchpool will allow BGB holders to maximize their token’s return. The potential and usefulness of the BGB are being realized.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, said, “While cryptocurrency news has accelerated their visibility to a wider audience, currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are seeing their potential recognized. They can be used to diversify portfolios and protect against runaway inflation. Even in volatile markets, investor interest in cryptocurrencies is high. By waiving trading fees and offering exclusive incentives to hold, trade or invest, Bitget hopes to not only benefit professional investors with high trading volumes, but also provide newcomers with a way to enter the market and take advantage of it.»

Bitget keeps its promises

Financial inclusion is at the heart of Bitget’s policy. Fee-free trading is one of the company’s initiatives to benefit and protect users, and thereby enhance financial independence across the world. Bitget’s partnerships with Italian football club Juventus FC, esports tournament organizer PGL and others underscore the platform’s commitment to growing recognition and adoption of cryptocurrencies and Web3.

Among the efforts put in place to protect user assets, Bitget recently launched the Bitget Protection Fund. This is an emergency reserve of $200 million to address security concerns and restore investor confidence.

Grace clarified:Above all, this campaign highlights Bitget’s promise of financial inclusion. We make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone with the goal of financial independence through a robust platform, competitive fees, and our Bitget Protection Fund that tackles cryptocurrency security issues head-on. Ultimately, our platform offers multiple opportunities for investors to improve their trading plan and hedge risk.»


A new time, bitget keeps its promise toBetter trading, better life“. By actively participating in maintaining and attracting the public to the crypto market despite the current bear market, Bitget demonstrates its commitment and desire to see a sustainable cryptosphere develop over time. It is up to us to help them realize this vision. To not miss the latest news from Bitget, you can follow them on instagram, Twitter and Telegram

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