Bitcoin will reach $1.5 million!  Reaffirms Cathie Wood

In the world of finance, Cathie Wood is part of the minority who has managed to build a stellar reputation. His audacity leads him to constantly defy conventions. She thus has her astronomical forecast for Bitcoin. No amount of market turbulence would change her mind. Let us see here the confines of investment, where the boundaries are pushed back.

Where does Wood's unflappable conviction come from?

Cathie Wook is not in the habit of backing down from challenges. Indeed, she prefers to look for opportunities that present themselves with each of these challenges. Although the skeptics give up, she convinces herself based on several factors that Bitcoin will reach $1.5 million. First of all, it presents institutional interest in Bitcoin. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been a major catalyst. Additionally, Wood emphasizes a historical fact of Bitcoin. Bitcoin thrived during the debt crisis. This is proven by its remarkable performance following the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank.

It is true that the objective of 1.5 million seems extreme. However, Ark Invest don't bet everything on Bitcoin. Indeed, Wood has opted for diversification of his portfolio. Heavyweights such as Coinbase, Robinhood and Block are key investments. Additionally, three futures funds have been launched by Ark and are actively managed. This multidimensional approach speaks to Wood's long-term vision. She understands that Bitcoin's growth will be a marathon, not a sprint.

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What will the next Bitcoin halving create?

A crucial factor that could propel Bitcoin to new highs is the upcoming halving. This event, planned to halve the issuance of new Bitcoins, has historically been a bullish catalyst. However, Wood cautions against setting expectations too high in the short term. She acknowledges that it will likely take time before the full effects are felt.

Although Cathie Wood's goals may seem overly audacious or even unachievable, they reflect her forward-thinking vision. Only time will tell if his $1.5 million Bitcoin goal comes to fruition.

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