Bitcoin: Here is the new king of ETFs!

The giant Millennium makes a sensational entry into the world of Bitcoin ETFs! With no less than 2 billion dollars invested in these listed index funds, the flagship investment fund has just dethroned all its competitors. A real earthquake that could well change the situation in the emerging ecosystem.

Millennium, the ETF juggernaut!

The latest figures don't lie, Millennium Management has just firmly established itself as the new undisputed leader in investments in Bitcoin ETFs. Izzy Englander's structure has in fact distributed a whopping $2 billion across the main market funds. A level of diversification rarely observed until now according to experts.

Moreover, the allocation choices demonstrate a real long-term vision. The flagship BlackRock fund alone has nearly $850 million in exposure to BTC. But Millennium hasn't put all its eggs in one basket. The investment is spread across several other major players such as Fidelity, Grayscale, ARK and Bitwise.

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The institutionalization of Bitcoin in progress

Above the colossal amount invested, this massive influx of capital into crypto ETFs has an extremely strong symbolic significance. It indeed confirms the increasingly clear breakthrough of Bitcoin in large traditional investment portfolios.

Millennium is also not an isolated case since other behemoths have also rushed into the breach recently. Whether it is Elliott Capital, Apollo or even Aristeia, the stakes are counted in tens of millions of dollars. In total, $12.1 billion is now invested in the various Bitcoin ETFs listed on the stock exchange!

now 12.1 billion dollars which are invested in the various Bitcoin ETFs listed on the stock exchange!now 12.1 billion dollars which are invested in the various Bitcoin ETFs listed on the stock exchange!
Top Bitcoin ETFs

Moreover, the institutional appetite for these investment products seems far from drying up. Last Wednesday was even marked by the largest daily influx recorded since May in US Bitcoin ETFs. No less than 303 million dollars were in fact injected in a single day, led by Fidelity's Wise Origin BTC Trust (FBTC) fund which captured 131 million alone.

Carried by the new wind of institutionalization, Bitcoin achieves another resounding victory with the historic investment of Millennium. By positioning itself massively on dedicated ETFs, the American giant is showing the way forward for the entire sector. Enough to delight fans of a crypto ecosystem which is constantly gaining credibility, maturity and attractiveness.

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