Crypto: Read and win LDY on Cointribune!

Want to live a unique experience in the crypto universe?, the leading media for blockchain news, unveils its new revolutionary loyalty program. Thanks to Read to Earn, each article read now earns you LDY, Ledgity's native token. Discover how to transform your passion for crypto into tangible rewards!

A reading rewarded with LDY tokens! innovates with a captivating concept: read to earn crypto. Indeed, Read to Earn rewards your thirst for knowledge by offering you LDY tokens for each article viewed. This way, you stay informed about the latest crypto trends while accumulating tokens.

The appeal of the crypto rewards program is not limited to LDY earnings. promises “ exclusive rewards » to make your reading experience « even more exciting “We can imagine benefits such as access to premium content, invitations to exclusive events or discounts on partner services.

Join the crypto adventure now

Ready to turn your reading experience into an earning opportunity? It’s easy:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Log in to your existing account or register “in one click”
  3. Start reading crypto articles that interest you
  4. Watch your tokens accumulate as you read

Once you have completed your registration, you can start reading and accumulating tokens! These tokens allow you to participate in a big draw where you can win LDY. You will just need an ERC-20 address to be able to withdraw them.

With this innovative loyalty program, is redefining reader engagement in the crypto universe. This initiative allows everyone, from novices to enthusiasts, to build an LDY portfolio while staying on top of blockchain news. By rewarding the quest for information, is paving the way for a wider adoption of crypto and utility tokens like Ledgity (LDY). Don't wait any longer: log in or sign up on and start your Read to Earn adventure today!

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