Crypto: When memecoins reign supreme in the ecosystem!

So what is happening in the crypto world at the start of 2024? A completely new number of new tokens has in fact been launched since April 1st! Well over a million, this tsunami confirms the real madness that seems to have gripped the sector, particularly around memecoins. Moreover, it is above all these purely speculative tokens which are at the heart of this crypto tidal wave.

Crypto: More than a million new tokens, historic!

The figures are simply dizzying and demonstrate an unprecedented enthusiasm for the creation of new tokens. Thus, no less than 372,642 new tokens have been launched on Ethereum since the beginning of April. A record! Layer 2 Base concentrated 88% of these emissions, the epicenter of a speculative frenzy.

No less than 372,642 new crypto tokens have been launched on Ethereum since the beginning of April.No less than 372,642 new crypto tokens have been launched on Ethereum since the beginning of April.
Crypto – Ethereum new tokens

But that's nothing compared to the Solana blockchain which saw more than 643,000 new tokens appear! A digital avalanche demonstrating the scale of the phenomenon around memecoins on Solana. This hyper-efficient network has in fact become the preferred lair for the developers of these humorous cryptos.

Memecoins, the kings of fashionable tokens!

The nature of these new tokens is clear, since they are memecoins with an overwhelming majority. On Solana, no less than 466,914 643,000 new tokens issued are memecoins. A tsunami confirming that the blockchain is welcoming a gigantic wave of creation of these speculative cryptos.

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This frenzy does not spare other networks either. Everywhere, the fashion is for memetic and humorous tokens in 2024! Supported by traders and developers, this crypto craze, particularly on Solana, may not yet have reached its peak.

The million new tokens, essentially crypto memes on Solana, are just the tip of the iceberg. Far from being ephemeral, this proliferation could well last, symbolizing the creativity and strong speculative potential of crypto in 2024. Whether investors are delighted or worried, memecoins, kings of Solana, are more than ever at center of the game!

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