Bitcoin - Cleanspark wants 10% of the global hashrate

While the hashrate has soared by 102% in 2023, and the halving approaches, bitcoin miners continue to strengthen their operations.

Bitcoin and the hash war

CleansPark has just announced the purchase of 160,000 S21 type ASICs. This is the latest model from Bitmain which displays an efficiency of 17.5 J/TH and a power of 200 TH/s.

In other words, the American miner will add 32 EH/s to its fleet of 10 EH/s. Its ambition is to reach 50 EH/s (probably through overclocking), or 10% of the current global hashrate.

The S21 model was chosen over the T21 (19 J/TH) model or those from other manufacturers due to its performance.

“After receiving the first S21s and conducting real-world testing, we determined that the S21 was the most efficient and best suited to our operations”said Cleanspark CEO Zachary Bradford.

A first batch of 12 EH/s, or 60,000 units, should be shipped during the next quarter.
The deal includes an option to purchase 100,000 S21 at a fixed price of $16 per terahash. Or $3,200 per machine, compared to $3,900 for the average person.

The miner will have to place an order before the end of the year to benefit from this friendly price which should increase significantly as the value of bitcoin climbs in the wake of the ETF.

“This strategic agreement improves our operational efficiencies, provides us with massive options and positions us to maximize the opportunities we see on the horizon”can we read in the communicated.

” We’ll be able to expand during the next bull market without having to worry about rising machine prices. Our purchase option of 100,000 units covers us against this risk. »

The CEO of Cleanspark recalled that during the last bull market, “the prices of machines have increased three or five times.” “We expect the same to happen in future bitcoin bull markets”he predicted.

Find Mr. Bradford’s latest interview in our latest article on bitcoin miners: Bitcoin Mining – State of play before Halving.

Cleanspark is not the only miner showing optimism with gargantuan numbers. Riot, for its part, recently announced its intention to reach 100 EH/s, or 1/5 of the current hashrate…

The Texan miner has just announced the purchase of 18 EH/s manufactured by the Chinese MicroBT. Or 66,560 units of the M66S model, deployment of which should begin in the second half of the year. Riot will then display a power of 38 EH/s.

The leader Marathon is not to be outdone. The miner has just acquired sites capable of providing electrical power of 390 MW. Enough to double its hashrate and potentially reach around 50 EH/s over the next 18 to 24 months.

As expected, the rise in bitcoin is already resulting in a new rush of miners. Will we achieve zettahash in 2024, the year of halving?

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