Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference 2023: Edward Snowden, the special guest!

Bitcoin (BTC) is the number 1 attraction of the crypto market. The craze around the asset has strengthened in recent weeks. And analysts are optimistic about its prospects. These should be at the heart of the upcoming Bitcoin Amsterdam conference. A meeting that should see the participation of a special guest.

Edward Snowden, bitcoin and freedom at Bitcoin Amsterdam

The price of bitcoin (BTC) is currently in a bad way. Still, topics around its financial relevance are still in the crypto news. Indeed, every day we see a plethora of analysts and experts saying all the good they find in crypto.

In a few weeks, several of them should have the opportunity to reiterate their optimism about the asset. This will be part of the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, which is scheduled for October 12-13 in the Netherlands.

This conference, which is held annually, is one of the major ones dedicated to bitcoin (BTC) and its market. Like last year, the 2023 edition of Bitcoin Amsterdam will take place in a particular crypto context.

Circumstances marked by that of a persistent bear market to which the flagship crypto ardently resists. Dynamic which seems to reinforce the attractiveness of bitcoin to institutional investors in particular.

The other big news which will potentially make an impression at this conference is the one concerning Edward Snowden. A name that has the word “freedom” attached to it, one of the most meaningful for any crypto enthusiast.

Because, we remember that it is at the origin of the revelations around the mass surveillance operations carried out by American intelligence. Disclosures that have since made Edward Snowden a famous whistleblower, but also a freedom fighter.

This notion and the intimate links that unite it to BTC will probably be at the heart of Edward Snowden’s intervention. The latter already seems to have set the tone for the Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference 2023.

When I think of freedom, that’s what [du bitcoin, Ndlr] that it is. It is freedom from permission,” said the American whistleblower, during a recent intervention.

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