Crypto: WMG and OpenSea will develop musical NFTs

Warner Music Group (WMG) is one of the biggest record labels in the world. The company has just signed a partnership with OpenSea, the first Peer-to-Peer marketplace in the world. This collaboration aims to offer new opportunities to artists. Discover the advantages that this new partnership will offer.

Developing Web3 opportunities for artists?

Warner Music Group announced on its site that it now collaborates with the OpenSea marketplace. The collaboration will develop a platform that certain WMG artists will be able to use. The platform will allow these artists to build and expand their fan communities in Web3.

Artists will benefit from the support and assistance needed to easily build their new communities in Web3. They can learn to boost fan engagement towards them and their music. They will be able to benefit from personalized home pages with a tailor-made description. They will have access to the cutting-edge security features of the OpenSea Marketplace.

In addition, the OpenSea team will provide WMG artists with support tailored to their needs. Artists will have access to a dedicated drop-off page to accommodate limited edition projects. Current fan communities will be able to take advantage of new forms of connection powered by NFTs to interact with their artists.

For Shiva Rajaraman, Vice President of Products at OpenSea, it is clear that “NFTs represent a new means of creation and a mechanism to build community, engage directly with fans and express oneself across borders and languages“.

OpenSea’s Vice President of Products explained that the new partnership go “allow artists to directly own connections with their fans“. He added that OpenSea is delighted to “provide the support and infrastructure needed to welcome Warner family artists into the exciting NFT ecosystem“.

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