HistoryDAO: Preserving History Using Blockchain Technology

The history of our ancestors, transmitted from generation to generation, built the current civilization. However, it is the centralized entities, like the media, which hold the historical records. So they can twist the story to their wishes. To remedy this, blockchain technology is “the solution”. Precisely, HistoryDAO has given itself the mission of making historical data decentralized and hasccessible to the mass. What is possible in harnessing the power of immutable “blocks” recorded on blockchains.

HistoryDAO uses Web3 and blockchain technology to transport history

For a long time, historical records generally lacked some fairness. For example, Herodotus wrote the first fully transmitted historical record in Western history, during his exile. As objective as he may have wanted to be, everything he recorded was necessarily subjective.

Herodotus was a great historian. But how to verify his words? The blockchain may have an answer, and even offers a solution. Just as bitcoin (BTC) decentralizes minting power, HistoryDAO decentralizes the power of historical records.

Indeed, HistoryDAO allows users to record various historical information. This data will then be stored in the user’s blockchain wallet, in the form of NFTs. They are open, transparent and 100% tamper-proof. Using blockchain technology, users can also issue, query, and trade NFTs on Ethereum and BNB Chain.

In short, HistoryDAO is an NFT platform powered and managed by decentralized community organizations (DAOs).

HistoryDAO: preserving history by leveraging blockchain technology / Source: bitcoin news

HAO: the token that will facilitate governance

HistoryDAO’s native token is the HAO. To participate in the DAO, users must hold HAO. Once introduced in the DAO, members can submit proposals, comment or vote.

Additionally, holding HAOs can give members benefits like fee reductions. Indeed, if NFT transactions use the native token as payment, there will be a reduction in commission. In this specific case, the commission will be 1.5%, instead of 2%.

Today, HistoryDAO reverses the shortcomings of historical records with blockchain and NFT technology. Indeed, the decentralization of historical documents makes them unfalsifiable. This technology will record the story from multiple angles. This will allow the fairness and authenticity of historical documents.

HistoryDAO had as its main mission to allow everyone to record history. In other words, it is about the decentralization of the power of historical documents.

A revolutionary new technology in history. With the power of the historical archives contained in the “blocks”, everyone will have the possibility of transmitting thestory.

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