Bitcoin: A Nobel Prize in Economics for Satoshi Nakamoto?

On October 10, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Ben Bernanke, former head of the US Federal Reserve, and his compatriots Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig. The Nobel Academy rewarded their research on banks and financial crises. For the jury, “economists have improved understanding of the role of banks during financial crises, as well as how to regulate financial markets”. The prize aims to reward a person or a group of people who have brought the greatest benefit to humanity. But according to members of the crypto community, the trio does not deserve this award.

With bitcoin (BTC), has Satoshi done more good for humanity?

For bitcoiners, the trio that just won the Nobel Prize in economics not deserved not the reward. They blame Bernanke in particular for his role in the economic crisis of 2018. Above all, they believe that he has done more harm than good to humanity. For this, they launched a campaign for Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin (BTC), to receive the prize.

Does Satoshi Nakamoto deserve the Nobel Prize in Economics?

“In 2008, Bernanke printed money to bail out the banks. This created a big debt bubble, which caused a global financial crisis. Satoshi created Bitcoin, a monetary system that gives all humans economic freedom. This, thanks to the separation of money and the state. He deserves a Nobel Prize”user Lucho Polleti wrote on Twitter.

For bitcoiners, Satoshi has done more good for humanity through the creation of crypto. This is not the first time they have led such a campaign. In 2016, UCLA finance professor Bhagwan Chowdhry proposed that he be awarded the prize. You should know that even if the academy wanted to reward Satoshi, it could not be done. Indeed, the prize cannot be awarded anonymously or posthumously.

As excitement around this case grows, some like Samson MowCEO of Blockstream, take a different approach. “Satoshi should not win the Nobel Prize because it is a fiduciary construct used to support the traditional financial system. If you want to honor Satoshi, run a Bitcoin node”did he declare.

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