Huobi (HUSD): The next stablecoin on the edge of the ravine?

Huobi Token Moons (HT) is one of the crypto exchanges that are going against the grain right now. Its native token HT is on the rise and is growing by almost 80% in the space of a few days. This is quite an achievement, as the crypto industry as a whole is going through a consolidation phase. This meteoric rise coincides with the arrival in the project of Justin Sun, the founder of Tron. He became one of the most important holders of Huobi and at the same time adviser in exchange.

Justin Sun is Huobi’s new exchange advisor

Justin Sun takes on a new role at crypto exchange Huobi Token

Lcrypto exchange Huobi is going through a period of revival after record losses recorded at the beginning of the year. Within days, the value of HT, its native token, experienced a spectacular jump of 80%. A score sufficient enough to make forget all the losses recorded so far by the asset. Its market cap at the time of writing is $955 million. The current rise in the price classifies it 52e highest valued crypto on the stock exchange. The platform has the particularity of rewarding its users with fairly low transaction fees.

This sudden increase in assets is not insignificant. On the contrary, we clearly see the influence of Justin Sun, the founder of tron. The billionaire recently acquired several million HT, which makes him one of the most important holders. Note that Huobi works like bitcoin with a maximum supply of 500 million coins, only 130 million would already be in circulation. In addition to holding a significant amount of tokens, the founder of Tron has just obtained a role of exchange advisor. He took the opportunity to encourage the adoption of Huobi internationally. Moreover, he does not hide his wish to bring Huobi back to China, the country in which the crypto exchange was based before the government restrictions.

Crypto exchange Huobi is riding a positive trend and Justin Sun’s involvement has a lot to do with it. He has only been there for nine days, but we are already feeling his impact, it goes without saying that his new role as exchange advisor will boost the democratization of HT all over the world.

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