Binance and MUFG join forces for crypto adventure in Japan

The Binance crypto platform, through its Japanese subsidiary, has formalized a crypto deal with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB). The alliance with this financial giant is remarkable, especially as it fits into the crypto context of current Japan. That being said, it goes without saying that it has strategic implications. So much for Binance which seems to be repositioning itself in the country while it is suffering setbacks elsewhere. So much for the banking group which wants to take advantage of the enthusiasm around digital assets to diversify its activities. What then are the potential impacts of the agreement between these two partners? The following lines will provide some answers.

Binance and MUFG unite to explore Web 3.0

Binance Japan and financial giant Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB) announced a crypto-focused deal on Tuesday (September 26). The two partners are joining forces to explore the development of stablecoins in Japan.

The ambition of Binance Japan and MUTB is particularly noteworthy. This is in fact to promote the adoption of Web 3.0 technology in Japan. The country is increasingly seen as the promised land for crypto activities.

In any case, we see the Japanese authorities implementing a stimulating policy for a crypto firm like Binance. A strategy also fundamentally attractive for companies in the classic financial ecosystem seeking to integrate cryptos into their development plans.

The objectives of this innovative collaboration having been thus clarified, the partners do not intend to deviate from the regulations in force in the land of the rising sun. Binance is particularly committed to obtaining the “applicable regulatory approvals” before issuing any stablecoin whatsoever. It is in particular this complaint that several of the States that the company had to leave made against it. This reflects the crypto firm’s desire to take advantage of Japan’s openness to cryptos.

Crypto firm Binance on the verge of conquering Japan?

MUTB’s involvement in this partnership with Binance Japan is significantly interesting. You should know that MUTB is the spearhead of a consortium of banks pursuing a common ambition. Namely issuing stablecoins on private and public blockchains. This is what their dedicated platform, Progmat Coin, should contribute to, fully compliant with the new regulations on stablecoins introduced in June.

This legal framework allows Japanese exchanges to apply for specialized licenses, authorizing the trading of stablecoins. This, even when they are issued abroad. An option that delighted Circle, the issuer of USDC. The company has indicated that it intends to take advantage of these new rules to enter the Japanese market. For Binance, which is already there, the alliance with a juggernaut like MUTB can be analyzed as the promise of certain leadership in the Japanese stablecoin ecosystem.

Progmat, a tool for conquering the Japanese stablecoin market?

If Binance is to establish itself in the Japanese stablecoin market, it will mainly depend on Progmat. This platform operated by MUTB appears to be the pivot of this ambitious enterprise. This is because it promises to address some of the regulatory concerns that have cast a shadow over stablecoins globally.

In a recent press release, Tatsuya Saito, CEO of Progmat Inc. and Vice President of Product at MUTB, highlighted the unique qualities of this tool. “Progmat is a neutral infrastructure that allows the issuance of different brands of stablecoins with the greatest flexibility of use and the lowest risk of de-pegging”declared the manager in particular.

Progmat actually responds to the shared vision of Binance Japan and MUTB. The two companies are particularly counting on the issuance of stablecoins that can operate transparently on several blockchains.

This is concretely a multi-blockchain approach based on the potential of stablecoins to unlock a wide range of use cases. Fundamentally interesting policy to attract a diverse community of users and developers.

Ultimately, the involvement of MUTB and its platform in this deal has a much broader meaning. It solidifies a commitment to developing stablecoins that prioritize stability and regulatory compliance.

Note that the collaboration between Binance Japan and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation represents a pivotal moment. Particularly regarding Japan’s process towards the adoption of stablecoins and Web 3.0 technology. The stablecoin-friendly regulations promoted by the country create an environment conducive to innovation. Which undoubtedly has the potential to catalyze a Web 3.0 revolution in Japan. By engaging in this joint venture, Binance Japan and MUTB are poised to significantly contribute to the continued evolution of the crypto landscape in Japan and beyond.

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