Crypto prediction Raoul Pal: soon a billion users

Raoul Pal is the founder of Real Vision, an on-demand financial platform that helps its members understand the world of finance, business and the global economy using real in-depth analysis conducted by experts. This former Goldman Sachs executive is also known for “his” crypto market cycle. His latest statement: a crypto prediction that surprises more than one.

According to Raoul Pal’s crypto prediction, one billion users will invade the crypto market for this cycle

One Billion Users Will Flood the Crypto Market Cycle

Within the crypto community, predictions are not what is missing. During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for example, Raoul Pal presented a crypto prediction as a market expert. According to him, the number of crypto users will increase from 300 million to one billion (or more) in this cycle.

To support his crypto prediction, the founder of Real Vision highlights the increase in capital. Added to this are the new innovations underway as well as the return of liquidity.

“There will be amazing apps and things that will happen on a massive scale. These innovations concern digital identity as well as Web3, the Challenge or even ticketing via NFTs. It can also be something entirely new. But in any case, it will attract a new wave of users,” he said during his AMA session (Ask Me Anything) from April 18.

Another crypto prediction from Raoul Pal: The FED will be forced to reverse course

According to Raoul Pal, the FED has already exhausted the rate hike to try to slow down and control inflation. This crypto analyst predicts a recession that will force the FED to change course. It will proceed with money printing, which will propel the market higher (like what happened in 2019).

For many, Raoul Pal’s crypto prediction seems utopian. But in reality, it largely depends on the trust of former users and the interest that cryptocurrency may have on those who are not yet using it. Everything is possible!

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