Apple suspends its AI in Europe

Apple, a tech giant, is slowing down the deployment of its new artificial intelligence features in Europe. The reason is the strict regulations of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Hundreds of millions of users are thus deprived of Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing, delayed to comply with these new requirements.

Apple and crypto: A regulatory duel

Apple, an emblematic figure in the technology market and author of unappealing announcements, is in the middle of a showdown with the European Union. According to CointelegraphTHE new features like Apple Intelligencea revolutionary update based on sophisticated delivery models and languages, are put on hold.

This technology promised to transform Siri and other applications into truly high-performance personal assistants.

However, the European legislators, uncompromising on security and privacy issuesdemand interoperability from tech giants which, according to Apple, could compromise the integrity of its products.

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In this race for compliance, Apple comes up against legislative walls erected to limit the powers of “gatekeepers”. Identified among the six companies holding significant power in their markets, alongside Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft, Apple must now juggle innovation and regulation.

THE DMA requirementseffective since May 2023, impose strict rules to guarantee healthy competition and better user protection. P

However, for Apple, these regulations represent a major challenge, forcing the firm to delay features that could have redefined the user experience in crypto and technology.

The functionalities affected by the regulation

LiPhone Mirroringallowing users to control their iPhones from their Macs, and the SharePlay Screen Sharingwhich offers the ability to take control of devices via FaceTime, are also in the hot seat.

These innovations, awaiting launch in Europe, are victims of Apple's concerns about data integrity and security of its users.

Fred Sainz, Apple's communications director, expresses his fears:

We are concerned that the DMA's interoperability requirements may require us to compromise the integrity of our products in a way that jeopardizes user privacy and data security. »

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The stakes are high, because these functionalities aim to improve interconnectivity and user experiencecrucial elements in a world where crypto and technology are increasingly intertwined.

The rigid position of the European Union, although justified by security requirementsimposes significant challenges on companies seeking to innovate while respecting strict regulations.

The clash between Apple and the EU highlights the tensions between technological innovation and regulation. The future of AI and crypto-functionalities in Europe will depend on this delicate balance between progress and protection.

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