Ripple vs SEC: Towards a surprise agreement?

The highly publicized legal case between Ripple and the SEC continues to be talked about. While waiting for the verdict, analysts are speculating on the different possible options for Ripple. An amicable settlement between Ripple and the SEC remains possible, but with conditions.

A deal with the SEC possible even if Ripple wins

The end of Ripple’s legal war against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is fast approaching. For now, the crypto firm is working to study all its options. An arrangement with the SEC is one of them.

According to John Deaton, a pro-XRP advocate, the idea of ​​a friendly settlement with the regulator is not excluded. On his twitter account, the lawyer explained why this option, already considered elsewhere, remains quite plausible. This even in the event of a Ripple victory.

If Ripple were to reach an agreement with the SEC, it would depend on the nature of the decision rendered in the case. The explanations of the man of law on this subject consist of several arguments.


The first element that would encourage Ripple to sign an agreement is the availability of XRP on major exchanges. Some like Coinbase have removed the asset from the directory of tradable cryptos on their platform. The immediate accessibility of XRP would therefore be a significant inflection point in the choice to negotiate an agreement with the SEC.

Another tipping point is whether Ripple would have the backing of Bank of America. The position of this bank, which is the main financial partner of Ripple, could indeed change. This, depending on whether or not the SEC decides to appeal. This uncertainty could also weigh in the balance of a possible agreement.

The other no less negligible scenario, even if it remains theoretical, is intimately linked to the SEC itself. According to Deaton, the executives would sign a deal if Deaton recognizes that future sales of XRP do not constitute securities. On condition that she agrees not to appeal the judge’s decision.

Besides these three options, an agreement between the SEC and Ripple is simply out of the question. Anyway, the chances of Ripple not coming to this are clearly high. Recently, John Deaton drew four scenarios that tend to demonstrate this.

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