Are AI-generated images art?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise lately, with the advent of the ChatGPT AI service that OpenAI recently launched. It has been able to demonstrate that it could have various applications in a wide variety of sectors. Some believe that altcoins could use it to significantly overtake Bitcoin. At the same time, some crypto companies are looking to invest in the AI ​​sector. This is the case of Tron who really wants to support projects based on this technology.

Tron wants to support developers in several key areas related to AI

At the moment, some personalities in the technology sector support AI to the detriment of the metaverse, for example. At the same time, more and more AI-driven tokens are emerging in the crypto sector. In this context, the Tron blockchain has decided to allocate a budget to subsidize AI-based projects. She planned $100 million to support developers who work to use this technology.

Towards a $100 million investment in AI

The funds are intended in particular for teams developing payment and e-commerce solutions based on AI. The tool developers currency settlementof Data managment or market and investment analysis are also included. The Tron blockchain also wants to support those involved in AI content generation.

Eligible teams will be able to submit a grant application to the Tron Artificial Intelligence Development Fund. In addition, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, hopes that AI will be used with smart contracts. He said : “Integrating AI into the development of smart contracts will make it possible to create, deploy and execute them in a smarter and more efficient way“.

Observers warn against AI tokens

While acknowledging the interest of artificial intelligence, some analysts warn against the current craze around AI tokens. It must be said that the latter have recently recorded a Incredible increase estimated at over 60%.

Financial market consultant Valentina Drofa spoke on the subject. She said: “There is a risk that this whole new trend will end in empty hype, as there are a lot of speculators who would be looking to use the short-term price bulges.“.

Currently, many developers are exploring different AI features for more efficient use of this technology. Some are trying to use it to simulate human intelligence in blockchain-based applications. For the Tron blockchain team, it is important to support the work of these teams.

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